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-[ROM] AxIoMCs ReBiRtH v2.0 Stable and Fast 9/20/12

This is Bionics AxIoMcS. Its high powered. Full of of life and can go all day and night. No this isnt your gf.

(Sorry if that offended u. )

Its overclocked no fucking app here. I did all the work for u.

Its got scripts and build prop tweaks out the wazzu.

Its ICS leak aokp milestone 6. I also got a alpha jelly bean version which. Has non working data. So I call it a WiFi ROM. No data.

Axiomcs will make u wet your pants.

Gaps not needed
What it does have.
Build prop tweaks
Full init.d support
Fully themed
Killr UI elements
Aokp milestone 6

Safestrap 2.11 please

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Performance settings fc.
Screen rotation thingy.

Now here it is overclocked to 1.3ghz on first boot.

Overclocked 1.26ghz

Jb version

Thank u dhacker and hashcode for all the hard work u guys do