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-WebTop Mod Hack for The Droid Bionic Weptop via HDMI no docks!

 [MOD] Webtop Via HDMI Without a Dock

I have enough confirmations that I can now confirm this is working, and have made a flashable zip install method for those less technical of us.

What this mod does: 

It removes the device ID string check from PortalApp, and enables the webtop option in DockService. Replacing these two apk files effectively allows the webtop to launch without proprietary hardware.

What this means to you:

Webtop mode over any HDMI without an expensive dock.


Method 1: Flashable ZIP

Flash THIS zip.

Must be rooted, Must have Bionic Bootstrap installed

Just boot into clockwork via Bionic Bootstrap

select install .zip from sdcard

then navigate to the above file Chose it and install





Method 2: ADB install

Download the package here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta…5&d=1317262181
First Get the files to the device and remount /system as rw:

adb push DockService.apk /mnt/sdcard/
adb push PortalApp.apk /mnt/sdcard/
adb shell
mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

Backup the original files:

mv /system/app/DockService.odex /system/app/DockService.odex.bak
mv /system/app/PortalApp.odex /system/app/PortalApp.odex.bak
cp /system/app/DockService.apk /system/app/DockService.apk.bak
cp /system/app/PortalApp.apk /system/app/PortalApp.apk.bak

Copy the modded files over fix permissions and reboot:

cp /mnt/sdcard/DockService.apk /system/app
cp /mnt/sdcard/PortalApp.apk /system/app
chmod 644 /system/app/DockService.apk
chmod 644 /system/app/PortalApp.apk