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Screenshots Reveal Awesome Specs List For Nexus X Nexus 6 by Motorola



TKTechNews is the same guy that leaked the Galaxy S5 Active earlier this year. He has recently leaked out some pretty legit looking info on the next Nexus device. He posted a picture earlier in the week that showed that the next Nexus will be made by Motorola and will include Android 5.0 Lemon Meringue Pie. Today he leaked even more information including the full specs list. You won’t believe how awesome this phone is!


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Instagram Releases Instant Message App To Compete With SnapChat BOLT!

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If you a big fan of instagram but deviate to the snapchat application you may have to venture outside instagram no more. They have just released a new app which allows you to send quick videos and photos to friends. Just open the app press the screen and the recording begins as soon as you lift your finger the video or image is sent. All videos and images are unedited so your friends and family can see the world the way that you do.


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New Iphone 6 Housing Leaked On Video

The rumor mill has been pumping for quite a while now on the Iphone 6. All signs point to a bigger screen. From the first dummy units that were leaked out several months ago to the sapphire glass that was leaked out a few weeks ago it seems as though we will indeed see a larger screen on this device. Today a new video was released that takes a full look at the “alleged iphone 6 housing”.


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Download New Google Play 4.9.13 Now!

Google Play Store 4.9.13 1

The all new Google Play is here. The main update is in the new app page layout. It features a new materialesque design. This means huge featured banners including video previews up top where available. You get a list of Google+ recommendations from friends and those in your circles. You can also swipe to see similar apps. This new version of the Play Store is rolling out now. It has already rolled out to my LG G3. If you just can’t wait for this to rollout to your device head to the link below for the download.


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Samsung On The Decline Imminent Doom Ahead Thanks To Weak Demand On Low End Products


I can remember when every phone that was not an iphone was dubbed the “iphone killer” at release. Several generations of OEM devices came out looking to compete with Apple’s mega device, but most of these devices just did not add up. I remember even my old HTC Touch Window phone 6 was dubbed the iphone killer. Boy was that a sham. Eventually Google came out with Android which at least stood up to the behemoth that was the iphone, but nothing really cut into Iphone sales until the Galaxy S4. Before you knew it Samsung had become the new top dog.

Now it appears that Samsung may be facing some financial crises that could send the company in a downward spiral. They should be celebrating the success of the Galaxy S5 instead it turns out that a long list of factors has really begin to chip away at Samsung’s profitability.


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Apple Brings Most Durable Screen Ever To The Iphone 6! Sapphire Crystal is unbreakable!

In the video above Marques Brownlee demos what is said to be the new screen for the Iphone 6. The screen will be made of Sapphire which is the 2nd hardest substance known to man. In the video you can see that this screen will not be scratched by keys or even a stabbing knife. Sapphire glass is already being used in high end watches and even in Android smartphones. Some Android smartphone cameras use the Sapphire glass for the rear facing camera.


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