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Download and Install The Nexus Launcher To Any Android Device!

Google will be releasing two new Nexus phones in the coming months. We are now expecting to see an all new launcher experience on these devices. An early build of the new Nexus launcher has been leaked. The launcher removes the app drawer icon which can still be accessed by a quick swipe up. Folders have an all new style which allow you to peek into the folder and see the apps that reside there. The permanent Google search bar has been removed in favor of the Google search button. The launcher seems to be quite fluid even in its beta state.

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ALL The GPS Spoofing Mock Location Hacks That Still Work In PokeMon Go!

Not everyone is able to get out and play PokeMon go the way it is meant to be played. Some of you are stuck inside due to disabilities. Some of you have kids that want to play the game that all their friends are playing, but these days its just not safe to unleash your kids to roam around the neighborhood. Over the past week I have shown you guys some hacks that allow you to play PokeMon Go from the comfort of your home.

Niantic just released a major update. Their new tracking system is included in this update which is actually quite useful when you are out and about. They have also made it more difficult for hackers to access the API of the game. This has rendered just about all realtime pokemon trackers useless. It has also disabled some of the stand alone mock location apps.

Here are the Hacks that are still working and what you will need!


PokeMon Go Get Notifications To Your Phone Or Smart Watch When PokeMon Are Nearby!

If you are looking for an edge without straight up cheating I may have exactly what you are looking for. As you have probably figured out by now PokeMon do not randomly spawn. They are placed all over the map by Niantic intentionally. You may find that there are a handful of PokeMon you are having difficulty locating. If you were able to have the game open at all times you would never have to miss a PokeMon.

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How To Find and Catch Any Pokemon Without Leaving Home NO ROOT Hack!


If you are going to catch them all then you better prepare yourself to become a world traveler. Without hitting up multiple cities and even countries it may be impossible to find every single PokeMon that exists. Even if you were willing to travel the globe how would you know where to go. PokeMon spawn randomly right? Not exactly. Niantic has programmed PokeMon to spawn in specific areas. There is actually a website which will show you where every Pokemon will spawn all over the world. You can use this site to easily find and catch Any and All Pokemon. This tool along with VPNs and Fake GPS will have your Pokedex full in no time. Hit up the link below for the full in depth guide.

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HUGE Giveaway! 26 Prizes! Nexus 5X, Honor 5X and More!

Fools4Android Giveaway!


Need a new phone? How about a smartwatch or some cash?! Androidfilehost is back at it again with another huge giveaway. Prizes include a Nexus 5X, Honor 5X, Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch, HD Action Camera, Audio Technica ATH-M40X Headphones, Chromecasts, LG Tones, and the list goes on and on and on and on. There are 26 Prizes, which means you have 26 chances to win. Head to the link below to enter to win!


How To Root The Honor 5X


Make a free Huawei account : http://goo.gl/OlsI8a 

How to Easily Install Fastboot and ADB : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=48915118#post48915118

Honor 5X TWRP link : http://goo.gl/EwDS2D

SuperSU 2.67 Beta : https://download.chainfire.eu/897/SuperSU/BETA-SuperSU-v2.67-20160121175247.zip

How To Save BIG Money On Apps and In App Purchases!


If you are an appaholic you need to check out the Amazon Underground app! This app allows you to save some pretty big money on apps and in app purchases. With the Amazon underground app there is actually a tab to view all apps which are totally free. This means that you don’t need to make any purchases to take full advantages of the game. Some games have even made their in app purchases free through Amazon Underground.

Beyond all the freebies Amazon is now giving you a way to save tons of money on pay apps and in app purchases. You can buy amazon coins which spend like dollars. You have the opportunity to earn coins as you spend them as well which equals more savings. The full details are in the video above!


Link to games that are currently giving up to 25% coins back on select in-game purchases. http://www.amazon.com/b?node=6185968011

No Wipe 6.0.1 Stock Image Nexus 5x Nexus 6P Download

Nexus 5x No Wipe 6.0.1 Stock Image

Nexus 6P No Wipe 6.0.1 Stock Image