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  • biki

    how can i root xolo a500(ics 4.0.4)


    reset binary count on Galaxy Grand i9082

  • Christian Adams

    Shane please do a vid on the droid razr m. the how too’s and a cool custom Rom and how to install it. Please- you’re the best when it comes to this kind of thing

  • mambrake

    any RUU for HTC one SV BOOSTMOBILE???? IM in USA

  • Wild

    I am in the US and I gave the Samsung S4 to a friend in India. It was
    through Verizon. They were able to root the phone however they believe
    the OS is blocking the device to work on GSM. They can get Data but no
    phone service Can you help?

    • Anonymous

      this phone will only work with Verizon unless the sim is unlocked and then most carriers overseas are on GSM networks. The Verizon S4 is CDMA so even then it may not work

  • Khalil

    Hey DMX. I have a major problem. I have a Galaxy Note 3 and I’m stuck on odin mode with a custom binary. I downloaded odin and the correct firmware (SM-N900P but it still says failed. Would u help me out.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Shane I need to return my Galaxy S3 to Verizon I am Using Jelly Bean 4.1.2 stock rom. I rooted thephone from ur You Tube Video with the Casual Beanstown root. Can U please tell me how to unroot my phone?
    Thank U
    Love Ur Videos

  • Umar Ali

    How can i root nexus 5 easily with super user and everything?

    • Anonymous

      Try nexus root toolkit

  • rob78

    Any instructions on how to root a galaxy s4 with the 4.4.2 version?

  • hassan

    how can i root lg optimus 4x hd ???

  • http://gio.com/ Gio Howard

    Anyboby have a root exploit for droid maxx or ultra??? I have maxx I have been looking for one for a long time my email gio2896@gmail.com

  • kevin

    Can u add root for Samsung galaxy tab4

  • Ninetto

    How can i root galaxy note 2 on verizon kit kat 4.4.2

  • tashi

    hi how i can get my htc one sprint unlocled because someone says it has theft lock i brought from usa and now i m in pakistan

  • tashi

    it doesnt go further just after starting up it need password and i never put any password,some one help please

  • Toaster King

    ttrying to root kyocera event virgin mobile tried poot with no sucess any help would be appreciated email me at jimgarrison76@gmail.com

    • Ken Jackson

      Did you ever root the Kyocera?

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Will this work on a Note Pro 12.2?

  • Isyraf Haziq

    How to root lenovo s660

  • Mike1201

    How can I root my verizon galaxy s5 sm-g900v on the new lollipop update?

  • Michael D

    How can I root my galaxy s5 SM-G900V on the new lollipop OA8 OTA update??

  • Akram

    Hi I have an HTC Proto (htc t327d) from China and its dual sim CDMA and GSM however it’s locked to the Chinese service provider and I’m not able to utilize data but i can make calls. is there a way to remove the lock after rooting the phone?

  • Anthony Tony Stallings

    I can not root my kitkat 4.4.4 android zte zmax z987 cricket provider

  • Anthony Tony Stallings

    Can anyone help me?

  • phuque hoor

    RCA-Maven-Pro-11.6-2-in-1-Tablet-32GB-Quad-Core is what i own and im running it on lollipop 5. can i root this sumbich or what nerds?

  • connort

    none of the HTC One M8 roots that you have work for me, I’ve got 5.0.1 Lollipop. any suggestions? been wanting this for a long time.

  • jason

    I have a Verizon Samsung galaxy note 4 SM-N910Vversion 5.0.1 tried everything rooting it, no success. used odin, chainfire, and kingroot. When I launch Kingroot It says ” root strategy unavailable” and at also says 1589 request received and research is accelerating for me………can any one help me out here. I see videos of people rooting Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s, quite easy……And then I have others telling me it is impossible to root my phone…can anyone help me here

  • Harlene Nash

    Is there a way to root a Klu-Lt7035-f > it currently has I believe jellybean 4.1 > I would like to upgrade to Kitkat ,Icecream sandwich or Jellybean 4.4 >
    Can you give information as to this procedure or is it possible at all and also is there a way to backup the data and restore my tablet if this is a failure>
    Thanks in advance.

  • Kelvin Gums

    How can i upgrade my HTC One M8 to android 6.0

  • william

    Downloaded the tutu app and then the pokemon go app and it keeps saying unfortunately the app has stop running and I have a Samsung note 3 what do I need to do

  • Anonymous

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