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-[ROM] Battery Plus Rom v2.1 Lite 320DPI 1/1/13

 [ROM] [320 DPI] Battery Plus Rom v2.1 Lite – 302mb! [1.1.13]

If your into the Rom scene on the Galaxy Note II you might recognize the rom name. I now bring my battery saving, low DPI, stock look lite Roms to the Droid DNA. If you like my Rom, great. If not, please use your backup made before installing and restore your old rom. Thanks for testing it. And please report all bugs and fc’s in the thread not via pms. I’m not claiming this rom will give you a massive battery increase. But it should be higher than your stock rom as I have removed a lot of ram consuming bloat. In theory it will give more battery life. At least it has in my testing Vs my stock rom.

Battery Plus Rom V2.1 features:

  • Built from DNA Stock ROM v.1.15.605.4 710RD (Thanks MicroMod777)
  • SD card cache tweak, i/o governer set to deadline
  • More responsive, lite on resources faster Vs Stock Bloatrom.
  • Low memory usage, over 1.2 GB free on boot
  • 320 DPI this screen was made for !! (Once rebooted got to display setting and set fonts to large)
  • Improved battery life via, more free ram, tweaks and bloat removal
  • Ad blocker via hosts file (Helps battery life)
  • Stock HTC boot animation
  • Stock Look without sense launcher
  • Stock 4.1 lockscreen with camera unlock shortcut. (Now centered)
  • Lite base rom. Unwanted apks and libs removed. Download the apps you want like maps etc from Google Play
  • Improved HTC Camera mod v5 with many settings (Thanks lyapota)
  • Reboot options. Recovery, Bootloader
  • 3 button hack (No more 3 dots) Please set what you want the recent apps button to do in Display, gestures & Buttons under recent apps button
  • Dexodex
  • Verzion location services GPS icon removed
  • Busybox
  • 4.2 Gallery
  • 4.2 Keyboard
  • 4.2 Camera as a backup.
  • Nova Launcher
  • Inverted Google Talk

Warning: Before you download, this rom is not for people that need large text and icons or people with bad eyesight. 320 DPI might be too small for some  This is not for Verzion or Sense fans either. As its missing all that stuff.


Download Version 2.1 : http://pspslimhacks.com/htc-droid-dn…d-for-verzion/



Battery Plus Rom v2 Lite

  • Designed as a lite base rom for you to install apps you want.
  • New build from stock Verzion Rom dump
  • Over 69mb more of junk removed without killing key funtionality.
  • More unwanted libs and apps gone.
  • OI File Manager
  • Google Talk back in as people use this
  • HTC Music player removed, google music or poweramp are much better anyway.

Battery Plus Rom v2.1

  • Video fc fix
  • links in apps fc fix
  • Wifi tethering fix, it seems the app doesn’t like being installed as a system app
  • New inverted Talk app, easier on the eyes and battery! (Thanks jonah1234)
  • Lock screen fix, its now centered (thanks tbolt)
  • Updated Camera fm and hack to version 5.1
  • Various bug fixes

How to install:

1. Place rom file on phones memory
2. Reboot into CWM or TWRP recovery
3. BACK UP existing rom. Then wipe system, Factory reset
4. Flash rom, wipe dalvik cache and then reboot
5. First reboot can take 2-3 minutes please give it time it not a boot lock.
6. Go to system and set font size to Large in Display, gestures & Buttons

7. RECOMMENDED: Set recent apps button. In settings go to Display, gestures & Buttons. Click under recent apps button and change it to your liking.

8. DOWNLOAD, your favorite music player like PowerAMP (recommended) or Google music, get your favorite video player like MX Player as the included 4.2 video player has no features…

Tip: Want better photo quality?

  1. Set your photos to 4:3 aspect ratio to enjoy full 8MP resolution 3264 x 2448 = 8MP 4:3
  2. Not the default 16:9 which is 3264 x 1840 = 6MP 16:9
  3. Set the compression level to 10 or 100% for max details and file size.

Thanks too: lyapota for the camera mod, nitsuj17 for the recent apps button hack. Stock ROM v.1.15.605.4 710RD Thanks to MicroMod777. GPS icon removal thanks gitku
Plus everyone that worked to get the unlocked bootloader and root access. Without them, none of this would be possible. x3deamon3x Disable Wifi Nag Fix. Thanks tbot for fixing the lockscreen so it is now centered. New inverted Talk app, easier on the eyes and battery! (Thanks jonah1234)

Also thansk to v6ser for his apk decomplier tutorial, which came in handy for the framework edits.

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