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-[ROM] Genome v1.0 BETA Senseless 12/6/12

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FactoryROM Presents:

Genome Version 1.0 Beta

This is a start of a project that I believe is going to be fantastic once all the
bugs are worked out. Currently the system seems to function at 99 percent.
I need your feedback as to what needs attention. As of now, things seem
to be running MUCH more fluid than the Stock Sense Operating System
that comes stock. Please let me know your findings.

Added and Changed Features:

- Rooted / Deodexed System
- Custom Boot Animation
- Stock Lock Screen
- Google Now Fully Functional
- Removed all HTC Related Files
- Added Apex Launcher
- Cleaned up System
- Removed Permanent WIFI Status Bar Pop-up
- Added Accurate Battery Percentage
- Added Transparent Status Bar
- Added HTC Flashlight (Thanks dsb9938)
- Added Superuser App
- Removed NFC Status Bar Notification Icon
- Updated Stock Wallpaper
- Added Busybox
- Zipaligned all APK’s
- Removed all HTC Bloat

Known Issues:

- 3G / 4G Notification Icon does not show Data Being Sent or Received (but Data works 100%)
- During the Initial Phone Setup, OS Reboots after Signing into Google Account (but adds account fine)
- Boot animation runs short. Your system is not frozen. Give it time on the 1st boot to create needed system files.


(1) Make sure to make a backup prior to flashing this ROM.
(2) Format System, Data and Dalvik Cache
(3) Flash in ROM in TWRP
(4) Reboot & Profit

Download: FactoryROM Genome Version 1.0 Beta
MD5: f4972089bf75fd6067e5827dcb9934f9


b16 (for the System Dump)
dsb9938 (for the Unlocked Kernel and Flashlight App)
x3deamon3x (Disable WIFI Nag)
Dr_Drache (Tips and Hints)

If you enjoy my work, let me know I’m on the right path. Hit the “Thanks” button.
Contact: www.FactoryROM.com 
Donate: Donate to FactoryROM

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