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-[ROM] MikRoms CODIS v1.0.0 Sense 4+ Jelly Bean 12/11/12

[ROM] [MikRoms] CODIS v1.0.0 [12/9/12] Sense 4+ | Jelly Bean | 1.15.605.4 |

Brought to you by chingy51o & newtoroot

Because our devices are S-ON you will have to extract the boot.img and flash it via fastboot with this command:

fastboot flash boot /Users/chingy/Desktop/boot.img

Note: replace “/Users/chingy/Desktop/boot.img” with the location of the boot.img on your computer. This ONLY needs to be done if are are using a stock unrooted boot.img

Before flashing this rom you must MANUALLY perform a Factory Reset


Based on the 1.15.605.4 RUU for the HTC Droid DNA

Android 4.1.1

HTC Sense 4+

Aroma Installer

De-Odexed (For now)

Stock Rooted Kernel

Advanced Power Menu Reboot Options & Volume Controls

Beats Audio

Hidden GPS Reticle

Hidden Persistent Wifi Notification

Google Apps

Unlimited Alarms

Aroma Installer Options:


  • lyapota Camera Mod
  • Lower Auto-brightness

Applications (Can choose if you want to install them or not)

  • Adobe Flashplayer
  • Adobe Reader
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • Google Chrome
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Google Music
  • My Verizon
  • YouTube
  • Wireless Tether
  • Rosie
  • HTC Sense Lockscreen
  • HTC Auto Rotate Widget
  • HTC Background Data Widget
  • HTC Bookmark Widget
  • HTC Calculator Widgets
  • HTC Calendar Widgets
  • HTC Clock Widgets
  • HTC Contacts Widgets
  • HTC Data Roaming Widget
  • HTC Data Strip Widget
  • HTC Facebook Chat Widget
  • HTC FriendStream Widgets
  • HTC Mail Widgets
  • HTC Message Widgets
  • HTC Music Widgets
  • HTC News Widgets
  • HTC Photo Widgets
  • HTC Power Strip Widget
  • HTC Profile Widget
  • HTC Ringtone Widget
  • HTC Screen Brightness Widget
  • HTC Screen Timeout Widget
  • HTC Settings Widgets
  • HTC Stocks Widget
  • HTC Sync Widget
  • HTC Tasks Widget
  • HTC Trends Widget
  • HTC Twitter Widget
  • HTC Weather Widgets
  • Trebutchet Launcher
  • Nova Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • Apex (Sense 4 Style) Launcher,
  • Friend Stream Lockscreen Widget
  • Music Lockscreen Widget
  • People Lockscreen Widget
  • Photo Album Lockscreen Widget
  • Productivity Lockscreen Widget
  • Stocks Lockscreen Widget
  • Weather Lockscreen Widget
  • App Sharing
  • Browser
  • Calculator
  • HTC Automotive
  • Flickr
  • HTC FM Radio
  • Mail
  • Music
  • Notes
  • Polaris Office
  • Stocks
  • Tasks
  • Watch
  • Holo Spiral Live Wallpaper
  • HTC Image Live Wallpaper
  • HTC Streak Live Wallpaper
  • HTC Lava Live Wallpaper
  • Noise Field Live Wallpaper
  • Phase Beam Live Wallpaper
  • Weather Live Wallpaper
  • Stock HTC Keyboard
  • Stock Android 4.2 Keyboard”
  • HTC Multilingual Keyboard Pack”

If you have suggestions of applications you would like to see added feel free to ask. As mods and themes are created they will also be added as options to the installer.


December 8th v1.0.3 Beta:

  • Initial Release
  • Debloated of all Verizon bloat & more
  • Added Aroma installer v2.56
  • Added HTC Quick Launch Widget (aroma)
  • Added Sense 4+ Flashlight
  • Added HTC FM Radio & Widget (aroma) (Not working yet but will be fixed soon)
  • Added HTC Task Manager
  • Added HTC FriendStream widget (the friend stream app does not currently work but the widget works perfectly)
  • Added HTC Locations & widgets (aroma)
  • Added landscape Rosie support
  • Added menu support to Rosie
  • Auto-brightness mod (aroma)
  • Added lyapota’s camera mod (aroma)
  • Removed GPS crosshairs from status bar
  • Added Advanced Power Menu
  • Unhid all apps by default
  • Removed ongoing wifi notification
  • Removed signature check
  • Removed default HTC skins and added Mcluvn’s CODIS skin (default skins will be available as an add on)
  • Added init.d support
  • Enabled buttons in settings: Settings -> Device -> Display, gestures & buttons
  • Unlimited alarms mod
  • Hid the legacy menu
  • Removed boot sound

Known Issues:

  • May lose root sometimes. If you do not have root globally, download and flash THIS
  • Mismatched image id when resizing widgets
  • Aroma freezes sometimes – if your phone is plugged into the computer run “adb reboot recovery” and flash the rom again, if the phone is not plugged into the computer, hold the power button till the phone turns off and hold power+volume down and boot into recovery

Battery Tips:

  • change Wi-Fi Sleep policy: settings -> wireless & networks ->Wi-Fi Settings ->15 min
  • Disable Weather Sounds & Clock Widget Full Screen Animation
  • Increase Facebook/Twitter/Stocks/Anyone other accounts sync interval to 4hours or more
  • Use Auto-Brightness
  • Disable Haptic Feedback
  • Use Wifi when available
  • Set screen timeout to 30 seconds
  • Standalone GPS should be OFF when not using navigation
  • Refrain from playing angry birds while on the pooper


  • Please remember that we will not be held responsible for anything that happens to you phone.
  • Flashing a custom rom will void your warranty

Credits and Thanks:

  • lyapota – camera mod
  • amarullz for aroma installer
  • QD2DC – flashlight and landscape Rosie
  • turge – Rosie menu
  • jotha – advanced power menu
  • the bad seed homies for always hooking it up

Flashing this rom will WIPE your phones /system and /cache. It will not WIPE your data, however it is highly recommended that you manually perform a factory reset in recovery PRIOR to flashing this rom. Please perform a nandroid backup before flashing




v1.0.0 (12/9/12) (Current)

CODIS v1.0.0



Current Device: HTC Droid DNA

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