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-[ROM] UKB Ultimate Kang Bang 1.2.0

PresentsUltimateKangBang DNA

***I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone or if your dog runs away from home…you can blame me however if soviet troops parachute into the parking lot of a colorado high school, and you are forced into the woods where you start a small guerilla unit to avenge your family***




UKB Highlights

Initial Release!

  • Based on stock VZW 1.15.605.4 Release Software
  • Android 4.1.1 / Sense 4+
  • busybox 1.20
  • rooted with superuser
  • enabled custom recent apps actions in “display, gestures, buttons”
  • advanced power menu (reboot to recovery, hboot)
  • disabled package signature checking in services
  • rosie on screen menu added
  • removed ics/jb 3 dot legacy menu, and changed dimensions so its not blank space in apps
  • unhid several apps from rosie app drawer
  • removed persistent wifi notification in pulldown
  • volume keys can be used to zoom in/out in camera
  • fixed gallery dropbox force close
  • settings -> custom background in Messaging app *should* be fixed
  • long press back to kill app functionality
  • lyapota’s musicbox v4
  • wifi scan interval set to 150 seconds from 15
  • added htc flashlight app
  • fastboot off by default
  • deleted useless “how to” videos from /system/media (47 mb)
  • default allow of non market app install
  • updated market apps
  • added titanium backup, genie widget, and google voice
  • people and app (quicklaunch) widget from j butterfly
  • friendstream widget (wip)
  • j butterfly wallpapers added to htc wallpaper picker
  • location icon removed from status bar
  • aroma options:
    • choose optional landscape enabled rosie
    • 5×6 portrait and 8×4 landscape app drawer Rosie
    • remove apps (debloat)
    • option to dense (will install nova launcher)
    • choose statusbar layout w/o clock
    • choose statusbar layout w/ centered clock
    • wipe option (will NOT delete your internal data)
    • custom gps locations
    • install adblock hosts file
    • remove bootsound (will only work on data wipe)
    • choose verizon or stock htc boot ani
    • mod for mms screen on (when receiving new message screen will turn on)
    • accurate battery mod (100 images with percentages in them)
    • volume wake (will work with deep sleep)
    • remove usb debugging icon from status bar
    • optional jellybean blue battery icons
    • chooose between sense4+ recent apps or aosp multitasking
    • screen wake on sms/mms
    • desense options for sense or aosp apps
To Do:

  • fix any issues with remove apps in aroma
  • fix desense (delete anything not yet deleting in aroma)
  • moar mods
  • change dialogues on reboot options (all say same thing currently)
  • additional rosie options (5×6 / 7×4 app drawers)
  • add things to rosie menu
  • add accurate battery mod options (working on modded stock xxdpi icons, wont include hdpi ones)

  • jcase for unlocking the DNA
  • amarullz for his Aroma Installer
  • lyapota for original camera fix, long-press back to kill app, musicbox4
  • ibotpeaches for ics + apktool
  • brut.all for original apktool
  • shnizlon for wipe script that doesnt touch internal storage, pointers on alt apm
  • dsb9938 for resizing the rezound flashlight app
  • x3demond3x for framework fix for deodexed camera fc
  • m0narx for custom gps configs in aroma
  • jotha for one x jb apm mod that I adapted for the dna
  • turge for his help with rosie on screen menu and everything else
  • rwc95 for original rezound persistent notification wifi notification removal
  • one_love_420 for parts of his evo lte apm that I adapted (1.2.0+_
  • zarboz for original mod for wake on volume deep sleep
  • andybones for bringing the mod to the inc4g
  • O.M.J. for evo lte modpack which I looked over and used a script from
  • qd2dc for his help and someone to bounce ideas off of
  • chainsdd for superuser
  • dev-host
  • androidfilehost
  • xda and rootzwiki communities
  • anyone else I may have forgotten
To Install:

1) Be unlocked through jcase’s method and HTC Dev Unlock
2) Have CWR installed (i had numerous issues with twrp, and cannot recomend it, or support installs of it currently)
3) backup in cwr
4) select UKB_DNA_1.2.0.zip to install
5) follow aroma install process (highly recommend wiping data in aroma on the 1st install)
6) reboot to hboot and fastboot the boot.img below (or init.d scripts wont work)

fastboot flash boot boot.img

7) reboot from aroma

Current Downloads:

Boot.img w/ init.d support: http://d-h.st/Dfv
MD5sum: c1ceea122f79302d1cb967c9062f1b3e
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