Droid DNA

[S-OFF] for HTC Droid DNA, Facepalm Method 2/26/13

Welcome to Facepalm S-Off for the HTC Droid DNA

Credits and terms:

Exploit by beaups, full guide, testing, and concept by jcase and beaups. Thanks to dsb9938 and dr_drache for support and testing. Thanks also to all of the regulars at teamandirc. Thanks to jcase for recently modifiying the process to make it even easier and more reliable.

Both beaups and jcase will collect the applicable active bounties. Further donations are greatly appreciated and can be sent to:

beaups - Donate to beaups
jcase - Donate to jcase
dsb9938 - Donate to dsb9938
dr_drache - Donate to dr_drache

You can also come by irc for support or just to say thanks: #FacePalm http://chat.andirc.net:8080/?channels=facepalm

While this process shouldn’t be too risky, bricks can happen. None of us will be accountable. If you are worried, don’t do it.

This is a pretty simple method, however, you will need to have a working adb and fastboot environment. This method will work on any operating system that supports adb and fastboot. You should understand how to use a terminal window in your O/S. If you don’t understand adb and fastboot, you probably don’t need S-off.

Lastly, the work herein should not be stolen, repackaged, one clicked, bat’d, etc. The binary contained in DNA-rescue.img is not GPL and may not be reused, integrated into other work, reposted, or redistributed without our permission. The kernel portion of DNA-rescue.img is derived from unmodified HTC source. That source code can be obtained from htcdev.

For this to work, you must be HTCdev unlocked and have superCID (custom recovery/root is optional), see the thread below for help and information regarding obtaining superCID, unlock, etc. If you have taken the OTA for the DNA (sw version 2.xx) without FIRST obtaining superCID, there is no superCID nor s-off method for you currently. Note this thread is provided for convenience only. Please look for support for superCID/unlock in it’s proper thread, do NOT clutter this thread with support requests regarding obtaining superCID and/or unlock! If you try this process without superCID, it will not work, and you may have issues:

SuperCID for HTC Droid DNA:

Download modified boot.img:

Download signed firmware:
http://d-h.st/nOo 8fa1cf193559d34279d2b1c1aa8c29


adb reboot bootloader


fastboot oem rebootRUU

(wait for black HTC Screen)


fastboot flash zip PL8320000-DNA.zip

After a while, You should see the following error “FAILED (remote: 92 supercid! please flush image again immediately)

4) Immediately issue the following command:

fastboot boot DNA-rescue.img

5) After android is FULLY booted

adb reboot bootloader

6) You should see what you are looking for!

If you need help or just care to say thanks, join us on IRC: #FacePalm http://chat.andirc.net:8080/?channels=facepalm


Getting an error 99 instead of error 92 after step 3?

Perform a few FULL power-downs and boots. Also, others have reported clearing caches in recovery helps as well.

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