Droid DNA

-[Unbrick] Stock RUU Return to Stock 1.15.605.4 DNA Re-Unlock

FactoryROM Presents:

A lot of you are wondering how to get back to Bone Stock in case something happens during your Flashing
Addiction. You must run this RUU from a Windows based machine. You will also want to run this
executable with Windows Administrative Privileges (right click on RUU and Run as Administrator)

(1) Download this Package (Which is the HTC RUU in Executable Form) : Here
(2) If you have unlocked your HTC DNA, you must first lock the system again.
First boot into Bootloader

adb reboot bootloader

Once in Bootloader

fastboot oem lock

(3) Boot back into Bootloader
(4) Run the RUU with Administrative Privledges
(5) Follow the prompts, and Profit

While the Software Re-loads, your device will reset several times. Once everything is
said and done, your device will reboot into a freshly installed, bloated OS.

Let me know if you have any issues.

To Re-Unlock your Device:

(1) Flash RUU
(2) Turn Phone Completely Off
(3) Hold Volume Down Key and Power to Restart to Fastboot
(4) Reflash your Unlock Token (the original one sent from HTC during initial Unlock)
(5) Enter “Yes” at Unlock Warning – System will not Restart
(6) After Restart, Shut Phone Down Completely Again
(7) Reboot into Fastboot and Check your Lock Status – Should now say “Unlocked”
(8) Flash Unlocked Kernel & Recovery Again
(9) Profit


football (for the RUU leak)


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