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-[UNLOCK] New One Click Exploit Droid DNA Unlock Bootloader Method

Original Thread By developer BEAUPS: HTC Droid DNA Bootloader Unlock/New Method 1/20/2013

Here you will find a new method to get “SuperCID” to allow bootloader unlock for the HTC Droid DNA. This method WILL prove easier than the original method and SHOULD prove safer.

Usual disclaimer – “I am not responsible if you brick or otherwise destroy your device (insert additional non-funny/non-witty comment here).

Before we get started, PLEASE take a moment to review the credits:

1.) giantpune @ freenode. Here is a guy I’ve never met and yet he spent several hours crashing my kernel and coding/recoding, etc. to find exploit addresses. He doesn’t own a DNA, has no personal interest in this project, yet spent ~10 hours on this. Then, he writes proper code for the cid patching routine without me even asking. This method would not be possible without him. PLEASE donate to him (paypal) - giantpune@gmail.com

2.) jcase @ andirc. Without his dedication and the original exploit, we could not have executed this new method. We needed a rooted device to get the addresses! PLEASE donate to him (paypal) - http://forum.xda-developers.com/dona….php?u=2376614

3.) htcjbutterfly @ andirc – aka SharpISO3 @ xda - thank you for the countless hours of letting me teamviewer in and screw around with your phone.

4.) Everyone else at team andirc. Cool group of people there.

5.) Goroh Kun (?)…….The 2 exploits used are courtesy of his (?) code, and he (?) was gracious enough to post source. The attached APK is really about ~75% their code. But, since they were non-responsive in requests for porting help, they get the #5 spot here.

So let’s get started.

What you need:

1.) a Droid DNA
2.) this attached APK


1.) Download apk (attached, cid.apk)
2.) run it (in your app drawer titled HTC DNA SuperCID
3.) reboot to bootloader and confirm you have SuperCID:
a.) fastboot oem readcid

If you see 11111111, you are good. Proceed to htcdev to complete the process.

If you see something else (e.g. VZW__001) then reboot normally and try the process again.

Good luck.

If you need support, or care to say thanks, etc. please join us on IRC


p.s. I’ll post source soon. If you choose to reverse this apk, you’ll probably notice I write REALLY bad code. I’m well aware of it and couldn’t care less, so please don’t bother me with code improvement suggestions.

File Type: apk cid.apk - [Click for QR Code] (18.4 KB, 275 views)

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