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Droid 4 Users WE HAZ ROOT thanks to the Vulnfactory!


It has been done Root has been accomplished! Dan Rosenberg a widely know Droid Exploiter has done it agian! He gained Root on the Droid 4 just a few hours after release. However DjrBliss decided to hold the exploit and release it after a $500 bounty was achieved, $200 for a Droid 4 so that he can continue work on keeping the device rooted, and another $300 to go to the RedCross. After much public shaming the Root method was released to the masses and now all donations will be given to the American Red Cross. I for one believe that a person should be rewarded for their hardwork. Dan Rosenberg has come through for many android users to provide them with root access for their locked down devices. He has a proven track record. So I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t accept donations. I think the problem that most folks were having is that he asked for the donations upfront. Once again I had no issues with asking for the donations upfront as he has proven himself on many occasions. Until now most developers have released the mod and asked for donations afterwards. Either way I don’t care just get me some ROOTZ! 🙂


You can donate to the cause here! And grab the Exploit here!