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Epic 3D Holographic Android Setup


Customization drew me to Android in the beginning and out of all the setups I have tried I was looking for something unique and fresh. In searching for a holographic setup I found a couple of really cool apps.


The TFS 3D Launcher is known for all the custom transition animations that are included. These transition animations give your device a certain depth that makes your home screen look and feel 3D.


TFS 3D Launcher

To take your 3D Holographic setup to the next level you are going to need a 3D wallpaper and the best that I have found come from the Parallax app! The Parallax app uses 3 wallpapers in one to bring a 3D effect to your homescreen. It uses the gyroscope, and accelerometer to make the effect super smooth. Check it out below.


Parallax Wallpapers