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First 10 Things To Do Honor 8X!


The Honor 8X is a huge value at its $200 price point. With the Kirin 710 FHD display and 4GB of RAM this phone will be hard to beat at the price point. Once you have had a chance to run through the initial setup of the phone there are a few things you can do to get the best possible experience out of your new phone.

1. Setup a Security meaure- In this day in age a passcode like “0000000” just aint gonna cut it Kanye. The fingerprint scanner is perfectly placed on the back of the phone. It is easy to access and is deadly accurate. This is the fastest way to unlock your phone. To register your fingerprint go into Settings>Security and Privacy>Fingerprint ID>Fingerprint Management>New Fingerprint and proceed to enroll your fingerprint. I would suggest registering both index fingers so you will be able to unlock your phone whether it is in your right or left hand.

2.Setup Home Screen (App Drawer/ No App Drawer)- By default the home screen has no app drawer. This means any app that you download will land on the home screen with no organization. Adding back the app drawer is pretty simple. Go to Settings>Display>Home Screen Style and choose drawer. You’ll get the same stock Android style app drawer with apps in alphabetical order, a search bar and a suggested apps bar.

3.Edit Quick Toggles- With a single swipe down you get 5 quick toggles. A double swipe down reveals the rest of your quick settings. These can be edited and you should go ahead and edit these. Swipe down the notifications shade and select the pencil in the top right corner from here you can rearrange your quick settings. Be sure to place your top 5 most used as the first five so they will always show up with a single swipe down.

4.Add Battery Percentage To The Notification Bar- By default you get a standard battery icon with no percentage readout. To get the percentage in the status bar go to Settings>Batter>Battery Percentage choose In Icon or Next to Icon.

5.Remove That Hideous Notch- Ok it’s really not all that hideous here. This notch is certainly not as egregious as the Pixel 3 XL notch and is narrower and less expansive than the Xs notch. That being said if you wish to hide it you most certainly can. To do so go to Settings>Display>Notch and select hide notch. This won’t take away screen real estate as it makes the background of the notification bar black, but still leaves notifications and other info up top. This is how the notch should be dealt with in my opinion.

6.Set Your Screen Resolution- By default the Honor 8X is set to auto adjust screen resolution with battery savings being the main factor in how it chooses to adjust your resolution. You can turn that off and set your resolution to what you want. Go to Settings>Display>Screen Resolution turn off “smart resolution” and select either HD+ or FHD+. You will select HD+ for ultimate battery savings or FHD+ for all dem pixels!

7. Change Your Navigation Bar To Single-Key Navigation if you dare- The Single-Key Navigation takes some getting used to, but it is similar to other gesture based navigation that you have maybe seen before. You can click the key once to go back, long press the key to go home, slide left or right to open up recent apps, swipe up from the edge of your screen to launch Google Home, and Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to show the hidden button. To turn this on go to Settings>System>System Navigation and turn on Single-Key Navigation.

8. Setup App Launch Settings for Performance- By default the Honor 8X manages your apps automatically. Once again it is set to save as much battery as possible. This means that RAM management is pretty strong, and apps will be closed quite often by default. This may slow down your multitasking quite a bit. In order to change this you will go to Settings>Battery>App Launch> turn off “Manage all automatically” and select “Manage Batch Manually”. Here you will be able to choose which apps should close and which should stay open in the background. Just keep in mind that some apps are pretty heavy on resource usage and changing these settings may decrease battery life. If you play around with it enough you will be able to find the sweet spot.

9. Turn off Beauty Mode In The Camera- Why? Because beauty mode picture just look unnatural and weird. No one wants to see that. Go into the camera. Switch to selfie mode. Click the smiley face and set that to zero. As you can see the beauty mode is set to 5 by default. Even 5 looks a bit unnatural.

10. Setup Do Not Disturb- I always make it a point to set this up as soon as I get a new phone. There is nothing more annoying then getting a stream of notifications at 3AM which wake you up from a dead sleep. You can set your DND for a specific time frame and even to repeat every day during the week. Head into Settings>Sound>Do Not Disturb set the time and days and then toggle it on.


Hopefully these tips and ticks will help you to have a better experience with your phone. Let me know if I left anything out.