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Galaxy Note 4 Rumors Begin! Expected To Arrive With 3 Sided 5.7″ QHD 2k Display

There is plenty of excitement surrounding the upcoming releases for the summer. LG has done a pretty great job of keeping the specifics of the G3 under lock and key. They have strategically “leaked” various images and features of the device. That device is coming next week, and the Sony Xperia Z3 coming right behind it. The release of the Note 4 is still a ways off, but there are already some key rumors coming out of the wood work.

GSMarena is stating that the Galaxy Note 4 will arrive with a “3 Sided” 5.7″ QHD 2k display. GSMarena mentioned a patent filed by samsung that included a mock up of the 3 sided display. We all know that they have been working on curved flexible glass for some time now. Could this be the first Note with a curved display?! The patent images show navigation buttons on the backside glass which is curved around the edges. This is interesting to say the least.

What are your thoughts? Do you want nav buttons on the backside of the phone? Will this make it easier to use a Note one handed or do you think this will only add to the cumbersomeness?

via GSMarena

  • Anonymous

    My first smartphone was a Samsung that had a combo trackpad/mouse. It worked great. As good as Samsung is with some things, they miss a lot of the obvious things like this (as well as not putting the speaker on the front of the phone).