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Google Further Explains Removal of CDMA devices from Developer List

So the huge debacle that caused mass chaos on the streets Friday has us all up in arms, when google removed the Galaxy Nexus from their list of supported devices. Their explanation was very brief and left many scratching their heads. They have released another statement that more clearly explains why the device was removed. It turns out that Google can not lock down licenses for CDMA binaries the same way that they can for GSM devices. So they had to remove it from their developer pages to appropriately represent this. However The new statement reassures us that the device is still a Nexus device and will be supported for future updates. So there is nothing to be worried about. Nothing to see here!

Check out Dan Merril’s complete statement here 

FULL IMM30B Android 4.0.4 leak Update with root (Not OTA) ClockWork Flashable

Thanks to BBCrackman and P3Droid of MydroidWorld you do not have to revert to 4.0.2 before flashing the full 4.0.4 update! You can flash via clockworkmodrecovery their fully Rooted version which has stock recovery removed so you can maintain Clockwork mod recovery. It also includes a new boot.img, new bootloader.img, new radio.img, new radiocdma.img, and new system. This was released publicly an hour ago, however it has been available for several hours via the TEAmBlackhat app! This is another case for grabbing the TeamBlackHat app as they always deliver the leaked updates prerooted with the easiest install method.

Unofficial 4.0.4 Android Update for the Galaxy Nexus Released with some major fixes

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So we had the big scare yesterday, and some of you Verizon GNex users were worried that your devices would not be supported by Google for future updates. Well a user over at Android central did receive an update via OTA. This can ease some of your anxiety. Google did confirm yesterday that they will continue to support the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, but this stands as proof! So there are some bug fixes that users have notices including louder audio, noticeable performance enhancements, new radio, new power menu, faster bootup, new bootloader, auto brightness functionality enhanced, app drawer bug fixed, multitouch issues resolved and more!

Rom developers are already at work updating their roms to 4.0.4. P3Droid has announced he is working on his update now, and other devs are sure to follow suite.  GummyNex dev kejar31 will hold off till the source is released.

Either way you can get your update on now! via Clockwork mod or via stock recovery both files here!  

Touch ClockWorkMod Recovery Beta Released by Koush!


Most of you have become very familiar with developer “Koush” and his Clockwork Recovery which allows for backups and the installation of mods and custom operating systems. He has developed a new touch version of his Clockwork Recovery where the menu options will become buttons. This will be helpful on phones with super sensitive volume rockers, or larger screens like the GalaxyNexux. We have already seen a touch based recovery by unstableapps, however this version was not official or supported by Koush. The official version will hopefully one day be incorporated into RomManager for even easier


Grab the Recovery and Install Instructions here! 


New Galaxy Nexus Kernel! PopCorn Kernel by TeamVicious!

Galaxy Nexus users! Announcing an all new Kernel for your device by TeamVicious! This Kernel boast Tweaked conservative governer for speed and power savings, undervolting, swapsupport, and lots more. In testing this kernel has seen 10.5 hours of use with 74% battery left! This kernel will be included in all new releases of the ViciousMIUI Rom!


Grab the new kernel here and flash over a 4.0.3 rom! or grab the ViciousMIUI rom where it is included!


Liquid has reached Beta and is really beginning to come together! This Rom includes tons of mods and customizatin such as Liquid Controls to modify the soft keys, custom liquid bootanimation, build optimization and tweaks, NOva Launcher, titanium backup, T9 dialer, latest Imoseyon kernel and lots more!


Grab the Rom here and discuss!

Galaxy Nexus APEX is finally here and does it look nice!

Galaxy Nexus users! Fabolous has finally brought APEX to the Gnex! This was one of my favorite roms on my DroidX back in the day especially in the froyo days. It was outstanding then, but soooo much better now. There are tons of customization features probably to many to list here, but i will try. This Rom is built from AOSP source, it features custom battery mods, miui battery bar, color picker for nav buttons, and battery bar, rotation options, trebuchet launcher with transition animations, new boot animation, new wallpaper, and much more. Overclocking and other performance settings are included as well. I cant wait to flash this!


Grab the Rom here!

Galaxy Nexus Rom GummyNex updated to 0.6.6 fixes and more!


Kejar has updated his GummyNex Rom for the Galaxy Nexus to 0.6.6. This is built on the latest and greatest 4.0.3 and includes an updated kernel Imoseyons 1.7.1 for much improved performance and battery life as if that could be possible! You should easily be able to make it through a whole day with battery left on this Rom! Lockscreen now supports 4 unlock options which are editable, New text in battery, new color in battery option and more!


Grab this Rom here!