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FULL IMM30B Android 4.0.4 leak Update with root (Not OTA) ClockWork Flashable

Thanks to BBCrackman and P3Droid of MydroidWorld you do not have to revert to 4.0.2 before flashing the full 4.0.4 update! You can flash via clockworkmodrecovery their fully Rooted version which has stock recovery removed so you can maintain Clockwork mod recovery. It also includes a new boot.img, new bootloader.img, new radio.img, new radiocdma.img, and new system. This was released publicly an hour ago, however it has been available for several hours via the TEAmBlackhat app! This is another case for grabbing the TeamBlackHat app as they always deliver the leaked updates prerooted with the easiest install method.
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  • David

    Your instructions seem very clear, however I recently flashed Liquid ICS Beta2 4.0.3 Usually I wipe before flashing, but I was wondering if it is necessary here? Also I’m enjoying running Liquid, is this something that Liquid will update and I just wait for that?

    • admin

      I tried without wiping and got force closes on GAPPS but a wipe fixed that