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-How to set up the SDK for Galaxy Nexus

General Instructions for setting up SDK and adb (Video Coming Soon)

Prepare your computer

  • Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements
  • Make sure you have installed the Java Development Kit


    1. Download the latest Android SDK (preferably the zip file not the exe).
    2. Unzip the package to the root of C:\.
      NOTE: This will output a folder called “android-sdk-windows”.
    3. Open up the android-sdk-windows folder and launch the SDK Manager.
    4. When you launch the SDK Manager for the first time it will ask for which packages to install. The only package we are concerned with at this time is “Android SDK Tools, revision 15″, “Android SDK Platform-tools, revision 9″ & “Google USB Driver package, revision 4″. You can reject all the others if you are not interested in them.
    5. Once that’s finished installing, you can close the SDK Manager.
    6. Go to the Control Panel, and select the System Properties (Windows XP) or System (Windows Vista/7).
    7. Select the Advanced settings;
      • Windows XP: Click on the Advanced tab.
      • Windows Vista/7: Click on Advanced system settings on the left.
    8. Click on Environment Variables.
    9. Under the “System variable” section, you will look for “Path”. Double-click on it.
    10. In the “Variable values” section, add at the very end the location of the tools & package-tools folder, with a semicolon separating these two paths from the rest, e.g. %SystemRoot%;C:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools;C:\android-sdk-windows\tools.
    11. The Google USB Driver package only supports select devices out-of-the-box, we will be downloading a modified file that should provide support for all CyanogenMod supported devices:
      1. Download the modified driver inf file: Download
      2. Unzip the file & inside you will see android_winusb.inf. Copy this file to C:\android-sdk-windows\extras\google\usb_driver\ replacing the “stock” android_winusb.inf.
    12. On the device, ensure that USB Debugging in enabled (Settings » Applications » Development).
    13. Plug the device into the computer via USB cable. The computer will attempt to install the drivers automatically.
    14. On success, open the command prompt on the computer, and type in the following command to sure everything is setup properly:
      adb devices
    15. If it lists any devices, everything is fine and you are finished. If not, the drivers may not be installed correctly, please continue.
    16. Open the Device Manager.
      1. Right-click on My Computer (Windows XP) or Computer (Windows Vista/7).
      2. Click on Manage.
      3. Click on Device Manager on the left.
    17. You will probably see Unknown Device with ADB listed under it with a yellow exclamation mark.
    18. Right-click on ADB.
    19. Click on “Update Driver Software”.
    20. Click on “Browse my computer for driver software”.
    21. Click on “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.
    22. Click on “Have Disk”.
    23. Click on “Browse”.
    24. Navigate to “C:\android-sdk-windows\google-usb_driver” and select “android_winusb.inf”.
    25. Click on “Android ADB Interface”.
      NOTE: You will get an Update Driver Warning, click on “Yes”.
    26. Once finished installing the driver, open the command prompt on the computer, and type in the following command to sure everything is setup properly:
      adb devices
    27. If it lists any devices, everything is fine and you are finished. If not, you may have further issues and will have to do further research on your own.
  • lui

    Dude i REALLY need some help because now the sdk is “adtbundle” im all confused

    • DroidModderX

      The sdk is adtbubdle? the download or the finished product? im not sure what the question is

      • SaggyBallsHD

        The name of the SDK package that needs to be downloaded is no longer called “android-sdk-windows”. But rather, “adt-bundle-windows”. It appears the entire package is setup differently than from what you used for your guide. Could you explain what file is being referenced in the tools folder that we need when we add the path under environment variables. Or is it the entire tools folder? I ask because we might have to manually locate what we need and adjust the path name accordingly.

        • DroidModderX

          adb is the important part

        • http://stevenmaloney.info/ Steven Maloney

          At the bottom of the article you page you will see a link that says “DOWNLOAD FOR OTHER PLATFORMS” Below that will be a SDK Tools Only folder which is what he used before

  • saleh

    my phone is brickd so how can i install the sdk or let my computer install my nexus driver please i only want to fix my phone

  • nick

    this process still did not work it still says usb not recognized. i have a windows 8 computer and the nexus is running on last jellybean update please help. bocard80@gmail.com ..nick..