[BOOTLOADER UNLOCK] How To Unlock Bootloader and Install TWRP

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This device is now unlocked to the point of development board status. After you finish this process, you will have the ability to destroy your device so make sure you flash CAREFULLY. Using only the files in this guide, there is no way to brick your device. Stay away from Odin once you’ve finished this process unless you’re flashing back to stock.

TLDR version: Put your device into USB Debug Mode. Run CASUAL Perscription7. Flash the Suck It Verizon Bootloader withOdin3 If CASUAL calls you a Noob, flash the Bootloader Baseline package with Odin.

The instructions have changed DRAMATICALLY since initial release. It’s super simple.

any I605VRALJB stock bootloader.

CASUAL Suck It Verizon Perscription 7 CASUAL stands for Cross-Platform ADB Scripting Universal Android Loader. In this case, it deploys the Suck It Verizon exploit. To use CASUAL you must enable “Settings>Developer Options>USB Debugging” on your device. CASUAL is used as an automation tool so that you don’t have to use ADB, watch for results, upload files, download files, make decisions and enter commands. CASUAL will make those determinations for you. This guide is much shorter because of it. The exploit was designed by Ralekdev, packaged, tested and made safe by AdamOutler.
–DON’T MIRROR, this is in development.

Odin3 is a tool from Samsung used to flash Odin packages.

Suck It Verizon Bootloader – Odin Package provides a bootloader which has been modified to ignore all security checks at the highest level possible. This firmware runs every time you turn on your device. The SBoot’s job is to validate Download Mode flashes. It also validates and executes the kernel. This bootloader will not validate, only download and execute. It will also allow you to flash anything you like, including firmware packages which will destroy your device. This bootloader replacement is not only a Bootloader Unlock, this is an IROM Unlock… The lowest level unlock possible. The bootloader was developed by Ralekdev, conceptualized by Rebellos, tested and packaged with a Sprint GN2 TWRP Recovery by AdamOutler.

The Bootloader Baseline package – Odin Package *This is a stock I605VRALJB bootloader and recovery. Flashing this will prepare your device for unlock and relock your device.*This will reset your device if you screw up during the process so you can start over.

If these instructions dont quite make sense, check out the video below.

  • Part 1: Run the CASUAL Exploit
    1. Put your device into development mode. Settings>Developer Options>USB Debugging
    2. You need Java installed to double-click or run with “java -jar path_to_file.jar” Do you have java?
    3. Click the “Root and Unlock Me Now!” button and accept(continue) any notifications which may pop up.
  • Part 2: Install Suck It Verizon Insecure Bootloader+Recovery
    1. Start Odin or click the “reset” button at the bottom if it’s already open.
    2. Place SuckItVerizon_Odin_Package.tgz into the “Bootloader” section of Odin
    3. Click Start

Video instructions

Troubleshooting Windows
Q. Why is CASUAL calling me a noob?
A. You need to Install the unlockable “Bootloader Baseline” with odin.

  1. Put your device into Odin Mode by powering on with Volume Down and Home pressed.
  2. Put the BootloaderBaseline.tgz from above into the “Bootloader” section of Odin.
  3. Put the PIT into the PIT section.
  4. Click Start.

Q. Why am I bootlooping or the device won’t boot?
A. You flashed the wrong thing at the wrong time. Flash the bootloader baseline in Odin, then repeat the instructions above.

Q.Why isn’t CASUAL working correctly
A. Try redownloading the latest CASUAL package. Also make sure you’re running the latest version of Java.

Q.Why is Odin is failing to open or use the package?
A. The download was damaged. Redownload it.

Q.Other unexplained problems?
A.Try using the proper drivers.
1. Go to device manger right-click and uninstall on the device.
2. Go to add/remove programs, uninstall any driver packages.
3. Unplug your device
4. Install Samsung Kies

Q. How come CASUAL didn’t start the first time?
A. Unplug and replug your device, or click CASUAL again and deal with both windows. This is a known issue. I cannot reproduce it in my development environment, it only happens on production compilations in JAR format and affects only Windows. If you’d like to submit a patch, you can get the source and I can add you as a contributor to

Q. Why won’t CASUAL connect to the device?
A. If you’ve already installed the PROPER drivers, try disabling any firewalls. ADB uses a network connection to talk to your device. ADB is a network transparent protocol.

Q. I’m STILL having a problem.
A. Did you turn it off and then turn it back on again?

Troubleshooting Device
Q.Why does CASUAL fail to find a rooted device?
A. Check the SuperSU/Superuser Permissions app to verify that you have not inadvertently denied root access to shell.

Q. Why won’t my phone start? why is it saying unauthorized software?
A. You unlocked, flashed something, then relocked. You need to flash back to stock VRALJB then repeat the unlock procedure. Use this guide….php?t=2040264

Q. I’m STILL having a problem.
A. Did you turn it off and then turn it back on again?

Heres some pictures to show the newfound capabilities of your device.

TWRP Recovery


Verizon device running AT&T firmware

Verizon device running International Firmware

Download count of 63 from testing- Note, do not flash any i9300 ROMs.

Congratulations, You’re Unlocked. Your Galaxy Note 2 has gone from the most secure device on the market, to the least secure device publicly available. Your device will now accept any flash. Be careful and dont flash with Odin again. Stick to CWM zip packages so as to lower your risk.

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