-[BOOTLOADER UNLOCK] Root, TWRP install After OTA VRALL4 3/17/13


FIRST!!! First jailbreak under the new 2012 DMCA Excemption that is. First “Android Jailbreak” ever… Gah that name erks me… Anyway, You’re here to legally Jailbreak your Verizon Galaxy Note 2.

CASUAL will guide you through the process. Put your device into “Developer Mode>USB Debugging”. Click the do it button. This is not only the first release of this new Exploit, but it’s also a beta-test of CASUAL. I expect problems… however this will be addressed with updates. See the About CASUAL section below.

We decided to start a new thread becasue the old unlock method is tried and true on Windows with VRALJB. This method is based on a totally new exploit.

You are expected to be STOCK…. Stock anything, but stock. You will need to download and execute the CASUAL application below. Then click the Do It! button. You need Java. Do you have Java?.

Windows Users: CASUAL will put your device into Download Mode. You will will be instructed to flash the BAVBaseline.tar.md5.gz with Odin3, then the BackAtchaVerizonBootloader.tar.md5.gz . Then you’re Jailbroken. The required files are below.

Linux Users There may be a permission escalation in order to install heimdall, either way sit back and relax. CASUAL automates the entire process.
Please run the following in a terminal first:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer

If you’re running Linux64, please run the following in a terminal first

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Mac Users: You are not supported at this time. If you care to build Heimdall 1.4.1 RC2 from source, then by all means, we need this in order for Mac support to work. You can boot your device from a Live Linux CD. Go to

Downloads in the order you need them.

CASUAL(R218b) Back Atcha Verizon CASUAL is used to guide the process for Windows and automate the exploit entirely for Linux. The exploit was developed by Elite Recognized Developer Ralekdev and packaged by AdamOutler.
To run CASUAL you need Java. Do you have Java?

HEY YOU! Are you having problems with the CASUAL(R218b)? Try CASUAL(R311b) Back AtchaVerizon This is about the same as above, but supports one-cllick on Windows, Linux and Mac, Addresses many user issues, Addresses many computer problems, Uses a 100% Open-Source-Software stack, and should be MUCH easier!!! Let me know if this works or does not work. This version should be one-click on all platforms with explicit directions and auto-download/click-through for installation of drivers. Let me know if there are ANY problems with it. This will replace the version above once I receive enough feedback.

Windows Only
Odin307 Odin is an internal Samsung tool for use on Windows. Extract the files from this zip to your desktop and then run the program. It takes the .tar.md5.gz files, turns them into .tar.md5, and flashes them. Don’t flash a PIT, you don’t need it. Put the requested file into PDA for this procedure and after flashing click the reset button.

BAV Baseline This will prepare your device for the root exploit and ensure we have root access if you have not enabled any exploit blockers. You will flash this with Odin the first time CASUAL asks you to flash a file. This is a bone-stock VRALJB kernel from Samsung. Do not uncompress. This gets flashed with Odin as-is.

Back Atcah Verizon Bootloader This the Back Atcha Verizon jailbroken bootloader + recovery. In order to flash this, you must use CASUAL with the exploit first. This is the last thing that gets flashed Do not uncompress. This gets flashed with Odin as-is. This bootloader was created by Elite Recognized Developer Ralekdev and packaged by AdamOutler.

Jailbreak video for Windows users only!
This video desmonstrates CASUAL used with Odin to flash the Galaxy Note 2 firmware Thanks to DroidModderX.

Jailbreak video for LINUX only!
This video demonstrates the one-click CASUAL Linux Unlock method… at 2AM.. so don’t expect me to be cheerful.

CASUAL stands for Cross-platform ADB Scripting, Univeral Android Loader. CASUAL jar files are a wrapper for the CASUAL scripting language. CASUAL allows rapid and accurate deployment of hacks and exploits. At any time, if a serious problem is detected with any script, the kill-switch will be flipped and you will be brought to a support page…. most likely here.


CASUAL provides updates WAAAAY quicker than Verizon. As soon as I push an update to the Subversion repo it appears automatically in EVERY casual. See below for the change log.
25JAN12: Initial release.
25JAN12: put your device into download mode automatically on Windows. Windows users, let me know if this is annoying. -auto CASUAL update
26JAN12: Instruct Windows users to install the proper bootloader — auto CASUAL update
26JAN12: more concise directions –auto CASUAL update
7MAR12: Initiated beta test of one-click operation on all platforms!

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