-[ODIN] VRALJB Stock Rom How To Unbrick Galaxy Note 2

[ODIN][VRALJB] Restore to Stock

Here is an “official” Odin restore file to return your phone back to the shipping software. Why is this useful? Well, to restore your phone back to the stock software. This is an invaluable tool for anyone messing around with their phone. If/when an OTA update is released, I’ll post any future stock Odin files here as well, but for now, there is only one. A nice way to say thanks is the donate button as well, and it will help keep my hosting alive for these huge Odin files.


  1. Download the file below
  2. Put your phone into download mode and connect it to your computer
  3. Open Odin and make sure your phone is selected
  4. Put the downloaded file in the PDA box
  5. Press start
  6. Enjoy a stock phone

Download Me

NOTE: I am not responsible for any issues caused by flashing this. Do so at your own risk. If you don’t know what you’re doing, then you may want to take a few extra minutes to read up on flashing with Odin before you make a very expensive paperweight

Setup a Development Environment
Setup and Use the Android SDK
Stock Odin Restore filesYou can find the answer to all of your questions right here. If that doesn’t work, then try this or this

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