-[ROM] Jedi-XV12 PIE, PER APP DPI, 23 Toggles 4.1.2 4/17/13

|ROM| Jedi-XV12 || PIE || Per App DPI ||4.1.2| 3|13

Image By AddisG


READ, READ, READ before downloading, flashing, or posting questions INCLUDING Frequently Asked Questions


Built From Official 4.1.2 7105 Base
-Hacked to Support All Apps
Partially Debloated
CPU Sleeper
Bravia Engine 2
Network speed tweaks
Performance Tweaks
Battery Tweaks
Sony Walkman Music
Awesome  BEATS
Custom Boot Animations
Removed PowerOn/Shutdown Audio
RAM Management Tweaks
Fully Functional 4-Way Boot
"The Force" performance:) 
SaberKernel  Source Thread Here
Framework modifications
23 Toggles!
Ink Effect with Finger
Jedi ROM Tricks App
-Custom Ink Color
-Keyboard Switcher
-Xposed Framework
-Per App DPI
-Icon Changer
voodoo for use with Saber
Much More...

LegendK — Multi-Window Control See Here
JRummy (Toolbox)
Eugene373—- Sleeper script
SeriouslyCrazy— Wallpapers
Wanam/Lidroid—– 15 Toggles Mod (Add Ons)
AddisG—- ALOT of testing and Dedication
This Extremely Generous/ Supportive Community
Wanam AGAIN for 23 Toggles MOD– See Thread HERE!!
LegendK for Keyboard Switcher App
mythtrandyr for Ink Color App
hajabooja — Testing

Known Issues


Removed ROM Toolbox From Settings
Clean Settings
Added Voodoo Control App For Use With SaberKernel
Jedi Rom Tricks App
- Meet My Team
- Keyboard Switcher
- Custom Ink
- Toggle Settings
- Xposed Framework Installer
- Per App DPI
- LMT Pie
- Icon Changer
Negative Colors Widget
Updated SuperSU
-Voodoo Sound Support

2|25 XV11 --
Removed Auto-Correct Keyboard (Goodybag)
Old Samsung IME back in
Jellybean AOSP Keyboard Issue Remedied
Settings Edited For Cosmetic Purposes
Updated SuperSU
Build.prop Edit to Remove GPU Render Default
Ram Management Script Edit
Smoother UI
Pro Settings Updated
- MHL Out Audio Fixed
- Further Audio Updates
- Updated to Linux 3.0.64

2|8 XVX_r1 --
MMS Fixed
Modded SecMMS.apk to Keep Backlight Off When Recieving Text
Edits to APN Settings & .apks
Enabled "Find My Mobile" in Settings
Take Video Without Muting Music
Fixed 4.2 Keyboard FC
Shutter Sound Setting

2|6 XVX --
Added Custom Ink To Settings
Added Keybord Switcher to Settings
Cleaned Up Settings
Samsung keyboard with predicted text
Removed AM/PM From Statusbar
New Semi-Transparent Drop-down
5X6 Modded Jedi(TW) Launcher
Updated ROM Toolbox
Updated SuperSU
SaberKernel_12.11 (Not Yet Released) Thread Here

1|15 X9 --
Fixed MW issues
Switched out Gmail Apps
{-Jedi Settings Section-}
- Moved SuperSU to Settings 
- Moved Lidroids 23 Toggle Settings to Settings
{- Rom Toolbox Settings-}
- Update ROM Straight From Settings
- App Manager (Back Up & Restore)
- Root Browser
- Cpu Control
- Kernel Tweaks
- SD Booster
- Boot Animations
- Font Chooser
Overclock to 1800 While Retaining Battery Life
Voltage control
ZEN Scheduler

1|7 X8 --
Rebuilt From DLL4 Base
Updated SuperSU
Gmail 4.2
Bravia 2
Removed Tmo Modem from Flash
New Unlimited MW Method
Includes ROM ToolBox
Future Releases Should OTA From Rom ToolBox

23 Toggles fixed

12|8 X7--
BEATS Audio Fixed
SystemUi Recoded
-No more annoying Red Box
-GPS icon fixed
-Ability too Add or Remove Brightness Slider
Ink Lockscreen Edit
Skinny As Ever!! (Just Over 600MB)
Saber Pen Sounds :D 

12|7 X6--
REBASE!! 4.1.2
Very Lightweight

12|3 X5--
Volume Wake
Module Edits
Force GPU Redering Off By Default
23 Toggles MOD by WANAM
***Use AdvanceS app to edit or add toggles! !!
11|27 X4--
5x5 Launcher (You May Have to re-place Widgets After Flashing Due To New Layout
15 Toggles
New HandleBar
Faster UI/ Scrolling
Build.Prop Edits

11|19 X3--
SaberKernel_01 ( Github 
Much Faster
Lightning Fast Scrolling
Network Tweaks in build.prop
The Coveted Symbols On Keyboard
Alphabetical Sorting in App Drawer
Updated SuperSU
Shutter Sound Option In Camera 

11|14 X2--
Perseus Kernel (Thread Here
Replaced 4.2 Keyboard With Stock 889
Added Multi Window Control App (  Thank Dev Here
Added Light Manager (LED Control)
Added Visualizer In Walkman
Included Missing Bravia Files
USB Debugging On By Default

11|12 v1--- 
Initial Release


-Download ROM & AddOns
-Backup your apps with preferred method(app2zip is great)
-Wipe data ( factory data reset)
-Wipe system (Format system (in mounts/storage) if on CWM)
-Flash ROM
-Wipe cache/Dalvik
-Boot system and DO NOT TOUCH FOR 10 MIN
-After the 10 min, reboot phone and enjoy the Force
-Flash AddOns If Desired
Check Addons Before Reporting Anything Missing GoodyBag (Thanks AddisG) 
- – Questions? Visit The Jedi Academy
Before posting in thread

Please See Q&A section before posting issues

Jedi XV12 –

All ADD ONS Can Be Found Here 

Goody Bag

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Visit The Jedi Academy
Before posting in thread

Why are my widgets messed up?
You need to pull the widget off of the screen and re place it to let it resize to the new Layout

Why cant i see my 64GB (exfat) SD card?
You are apparently using SaberKernel which does not yet support exfat. Please Format To Fat32

Why cant i see “xxyourapkherexx” app in my app drawer ?
Bloat or anything i see as extra or not needed by everyone or available on the market was removed!! See link to GoodyBag or find in the Market

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