-[ROM] Jelly Bean’s Build 11 VRALL4 3/11/13


Build 11
Aroma Feature’s:
*Selectable Applications*
Google: Talk, Maps, Youtube, HD Youtube, Gmail, Play Music, 4.2 Camera
Samsung: Allshare, Kies, Live Wallpapers, Sphoto editor, Paper Artist,Mobile Print, Smemo, Svoice, SCalendar,
Misc/Verizon: Backup Assistant, My Verizon, dropbox w 50gb hack, flash player, ad blocking,
*choice of launcher*
- 4×4 TW, 4×5 TW, 4×4 TW Scroll
- 4×5 TW Scroll, Apex, Nova
*choice of ad blocking*
*choice of Sms app*
*choice of Kernel*
-JellyBeans Kernel
-Perseus 31.2 kernel
*choice of Sd swap*
*choice of Keyboard*
*choice of Music apps*
*file explorer options*
*SystemUi mod choices*
-sense or stock recents
-Battery Style
*Lidroid mod choices*
-color of toggles
-number of toggles shown
-text on toggles
*choice of ui sounds*Feature’s:
*Based off of Scrosler’s Deodexed OTA VRALL4*
*MIUI Battery Bar Mod Option*
*Re-Themed To be JB Aosp Looking*
*All apps in Multi-window
*Enabled Verizons Mobile Hotspot*
*Removed Annoying Location Icon*
*Removed All traces of Software Update*
*Removed 100% full Notif*
*Removed Easy Mode*
*Enabled All Rotations*
*clock placement options*
*ampm size options*
*day of week options*
*Added Ringtones MIUI/CM*
*Build.prop Tweaks*
*Bravia Engine*
*23 toggle mod*
*custom settings*
*build.prop tweaks*
*1% Battery Mod*
*3 size resizable popup browser*
*Longpress volume to skip tracks*
*all apps multitasking mod*
*non fading ringtone mod*
*wifi notif killer mod*
*Call Recording*
prob more i forgot..


Build 11 - 03-10-13
<*>new lidroid settings app no beacons now
<*>updated perseus kernel to 33.4
<*>updated youtube and 720p youtube
<*>updated ad blocking host file
<*>updated nova, groupcast, SuperSU, gnow
<*>updated dropbox,gms core, kies, google music
<*>updated PBJ kernel to 03-04 version
<*>added init.d and bootanim to new pbj kernel
<*>added Sabre kernel Version 15.2
<*>added am/pm toggle to datetime settings
<*>added clock toggle to datetime settings
<*>added day of week toggle to datetime settings
<*>added nano and bash text editors
<*>added fix permiissions script
<*>removed some aroma stuff as there now toggle
<*>reverted lockscreen clock to stock
<*>fixed network mode option menu

Build 10 - 02-21-13
<*>full framework-res theme overhaul
<*>fixed copy and paste bug
<*>fixed number picker bug
<*>fixed fixed sms limit chooser bug
<*>added back labels on apps phone/contacts
<*>added back labels on apps videos/music
<*>Added stock Email w/ security disabled
<*>Added Peanut Butter & Jelly Kernel option
<*>Added Bash and nano text editor
<*>Added JellBeans 2.0 Bootanimation
<*>Added Samsung Setup Wizard Option
<*>updated phone theming
<*>updated touchwiz sms theming
<*>updated Superuser, Kies, Maps, Dropbox

Build 9 - 02-12-13
<*>Added option for Recent apps
<*>Added Aosp Email w/ security disabled
<*>Added Stock Mms screen off option
<*>Added Stock backup and restore
<*>Added More Stock Mms Options Look
<*>fixed some framework theming
<*>fixed power profile error oops lol
<*>fixed C+P Bugs Hopefully..

Build 8 - 02-08-13
<*>fixed aosp lockscreen shortcuts
<*>fixed lockscreen time images
<*>Fixed Emergency Dialer theme
<*>Fixed battery being cutoff
<*>Fixed hidden toggle labels
<*>Fixed Email Bugs
<*>JellyBean's is now on rom toolbox
<*>JellyBean's Now has ota updates
<*>Added Sense 4 Recent Apps
<*>Added BeansRom Section to about phone
<*>Added 4.2 cam/gallery Option
<*>Added AOSP dialer sound
<*>Added AOSP Email option
<*>Added 720p youtube w/screen off option
<*>Added call recording in phone menu
<*>Added root detection killer
<*>Added Lidroid 23 toggle's
<*>Added choice of 5,6,7 toggles
<*>Added choice of text on toggles
<*>Added choice of toggle color
<*>Added Spen Keybard switcher
<*>updated Perseus Kernel to Alpha 32.1
<*>updated Inverted Aosp Mms Theme
<*>updated Contacts Theme
<*>updated MyFiles Theme
<*>updated All Apps
<*>Removed Bravia Engine
<*>Removed Call Recording option
<*>Removed Retarted auto correct Kb
<*>Removed Hacked Email

Build 7 - 01-23-13
<*>Updated to I605VRALL4 ota Base
<*>ramdisk tweaks on stock VRALL4 Kernel
<*>made samsung calendar an option
<*>email should have no bugs and widget
<*>exchange bypass email might have c/p bug
<*>browser find on page bug fixed
<*>auto correct kb option
<*>fixed fc on mms with dirty flash
<*>tw mms, aosp mms or inv aosp mms option
<*>longpress now works with all music apps
<*>updated Touchwiz Launcher theme
<*>updated Touchwiz Mms theme
<*>updated Multiwindow theme
<*>updated Tw Music Player theme
<*>updated Task Manager theme
<*>updated Camera theme
<*>updated All Apps
<*>Fixed Aosp Lockscreen

Build 6 - 01-11-13
<*>fixed auto install of dropbox and flash
<*>removed google ears get from market
<*>treves tether now installs to data not system
<*>fixed duplicates of snote saves 60mb now lol
<*>removed all samsung root checker apps
<*>option for perseus kernel or stock kernel
<*>option for stock sdswap, perseus sdswap or no swap
<*>updated perseus kernel to aplha 31.2
<*>email app bugs "should be fixed"
<*>apn settings and new apns.conf for all carriers
<*>removed lock from tw lockscreen
<*>added all cynkrzys lockscreen theming
<*>added back some bloat i removed to fix voice in dial
<*>longpress volume to change tracks
<*>updated sms app icons
<*>fully working mms, group and quick reply on aosp mms

Build 5 - 01-03-13
<*>build prop edits and csc edit
<*>fixed menu button unlock bug aosp lockscreen
<*>option for ics blue or white toggles
<*>finally full aosp themed framework-res
<*>some theming fixs..
<*>added option for no music app
<*>option for stock email or hacked stock
<*>enabled email widgets
<*>cb messages should be fully gone
<*>added options for 4x4 and 4x5 scroll launcher
<*>updated treves wifi tether
<*>redid reboot menu, sence we shouldnt use odin!
<*>updated to inverted themable aosp mms

Build 4 - 12-25-12
<*>removed sms popup app
<*>added option for samsung photo editor
<*>added weather on aosp lockscreen
<*>added infinite scroll on launcher
<*>changed email color to stock white
<*>transparent multiwindow handles thanks lynseyw
<*>added full screen splanner widget
<*>redid app selection layout in aroma
<*>options for groupcast, mobile print, terminal
<*>options for sdcard swap
<*>added apns.conf that work's for most carriers
<*>options call recording or no call recording
<*>redid some of the phone theming.. 
<*>added back the snote templates
<*>updated kies, es file, and terminal
<*>added option for torch on lockscreen
<*>added new jellybean mms and mms fix
<*>added apn editor

Build 3 - 12-17-12
<*>removed 4.2 gmail as its now irrelevant
<*>fixed keyboard symbol bug
<*>fixed some csc errors
<*>added aosp lockscreen and toggle
<*>added longpress home for torch on lockscreen
<*>enabled negative colors and mono audio widget
<*>added sms popup option to custom settings menu
<*>added option for touchwiz mms or aosp mms
<*>replaced wifi tether with trevE's wifi tether
<*>updated apps and debloated a little more
<*>made ad blocking an option

Build 2 - 12-13-12
<*>added aroma installer
<*>added extended reboot menu
<*>options for what samsung bloat u want installed
<*>options for what verizon/google bloat u want installed
<*>custom ramdisk mods bootanim support, init.d
<*>fixed the spen screen cap bug
<*>added "JellyBeans" Bootanim
<*>added option for stock clock or center clock
<*>added option for number of toggles shown
<*>added options for many different battery styles
<*>added option for big/small or no am/pm
<*>added option for 4x4, 4x5 tw launcher or nova, apex
<*>added option for filemanagers
<*>option for touchwiz or apollo music app
<*>option for touchwiz or 4.2 keyboard app
<*>option for touchwiz or aosp ui sounds
<*>fixed framework-res related bugs
<*>added 50gb dropbox hack

Install Instructions:


Step 1-
Wipe Data Factory Reset!
Step 2-
Wipe davlick cache
Step 3-
install zip and pick your options
Step 4-
Reboot and enjoy!

Note’s / Disclaimer:

aosp apps are added for convenience and are not supported.. i will do my best to get them to work as well as possible but for full stability use touchwiz based apps

Aosp Lockscreen will Freeze Your Phone in Landscape if you don’t Disable Ripple Effect, Sence ripple Effect isn’t compatible with aosp lockscreen

Also the white line at the top of screen is MIUI battery bar u can disable it in custom settings or change the default colors to what is picked u just need to go into the colors and hit ok on each default color!

For Feature Requests and bug reports please visit my google docs page:…3d0pEOVE#gid=0

kernels included are perseus and the source is here:

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Follow me @BeansTown106, Massive Props to Everyone that has donated, its much appreciated, if you cant donate at least say thanks! 
Current Device’s: Verizon Galaxy S3, Verizon Galaxy Note 2, Nexus 7 Retired Device’s: Droid RaZr, Droid2, Droid 2 Global, Droid X, Droid Incredible My Github:

Credits – Addons

Adam Outler, RalekDev, Rebellos – For All they have done for the Vzw Note 2
Team Synergy / TrevE- The Wifi Popup Killer Mod / some scripting
Rephyc- for being a beast, systemui mods, aroma options.. alot!
Imnuts – for the apns.conf for all providers and the Pbj Kernel
adrynalyne – for the apn editor
sparkerjc and loserskater – for compolete aosp mms fix
cynkrzy – for transparent lock and lockscreen theme
scrosler – for vrall4 deodexed base
Wanam – for the 23 toggles
Vertemus, joshbeach – for the amazing aosp themes
ryun33 – for his call recording mod
legendk95 – for his spen switcher app
Angus MacGyver – for the Boot animation.. thanks a bunch
wchill – for the 4×5 launcher setup on jb that i have been porting
didact74 – for being a modding genious and aosp lockscreen/lockscreen shortcuts
and for his statusbar toggles ampm/day of week/clock layout
AndreiLux, ptmr3 – For Perseus and Saber Kernel
KennyGlass123 – For being an awesome MOD
Maybe More if i forgot u let me know and i will add you!


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