-[ROM] MeanBean v1.01 TW VRALL4 Battery Save 3/26/13

MikeyXDA’s OP and support Thread is here

[ROM] MeanBean v1.01 | Mar 26 | TW | LL4 | Mods | Batt saver | Zero Wake Lag!


MeanBean for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2!


  1. To be clean: mostly stock look and feel
  2. To be mean: apply screen-on performance and screen-off battery saving measures
  3. To be nice: provide cool functionality not present in the stock base


New in 1.01 (details in changelog in post 2):

  • Choice of 4×4 or 4×5 launcher in sticky settings (see post 3)

The clean:

  • Based on stock Verizon LL4

The mean:

  • Performance tweaks
  • Quad core on demand full throttle performance when screen is on for ultra-smooth experience
  • Underclocked (1 Ghz) and other battery miser tweaks when screen is off for incredible battery life at idle!

The nice:

  • Extended power menu w/reboot to recovery option
  • Choice of 4×4 or 4×5 launcher (see post 3)
  • Full color circular battery meter (1% increments)
  • Ability to display battery % only (no meter) – see post 3
  • Smooth gradient status bar
  • VZW carrier label on status bar pulldown replaced with MeanBean logo
  • Eliminated quick settings, brightness slider, and several less-than-useful space wasting notifications
  • Choice in sticky settings to revert to stock toggles if you wish (see post 3) or…
  • Use included Power Toggles to customize quick settings to your liking
  • Removed GPS icon
  • Removed gargantuan “AM/PM” on status bar (configurable: see post 3)
  • Ability to disable screen wake with incoming SMS message (configurable: see post 3)
  • Zero screen wake lag! (configurable: see post 3)
  • Long press volume w/screen off to skip tracks (credit loserskater)
  • Added call menu extras w/call recording (credit ryun33)
  • Constant ringtone volume by disabling ring fade (controlled by new sticky settings: see post 3)
  • Configurable SD card read_ahead (see post 3)
  • Aroma sticky settings: set options once and they survive dirty updates! (see post 3)
  • S-Pen Board Switcher for auto-keyboard switching with the s-pen (credit LegendK95)
  • MultiWindow Complete Control v2 (credit LegendK95)
  • Signature checking disabled
  • Startup and shutdown sound effects silenced, and MeanBean boot animation added
  • SuperSU
  • OTA Updater included: you’ll likely use it a lot as I update often. 
  • Native hotspot unlocked (credit electron73)
  • WiFi Tether included
  • ES File Explorer included
  • WTSP Weather/widgets included: small app but one of the best weather apps available!
  • Bonus ringtones/notifications
  • Full stock functionality (not debloated…yet… except for the getting started videos)
  • More to come (by request)!

Credit where credit is due:

As with any open source stuff, some of this work is my own, most of it comes from other sources. So in addition to my own work (mostly in the “mean” category), here’s a quick thanks to those of you who contributed knowingly (thank you) and not-so-knowingly via open source 5 finger discount (thank you just the same: your stuff is good and that’s why I used it).  Sometimes it’s not entirely obvious where the source started so if I missed someone, please let me know and I’ll add you. Also, I’m careful to only include other work where the author does not specify any usage restrictions or has given approval. If you believe, however, that I’ve included something that shouldn’t be in this ROM, please just PM me.

Credit Scott for the deodexed stock base!
Thanks banccalif for the graphics!
Other credits: I list them in the features section above and give links to the original works so you can donate to other devs for specific mods you like!

Want my stuff?:

I list credits in the features section above and links to original works: if you see something credited there and you want to use it, click the link and seek permission from the developer I’ve credited. If you see something in this ROM and I don’t reference some other source, I probably coded it myself. If you want it: take it and use it in your ROM, your theme, whatever you like. I just ask that you please credit me. I’m a firm believer in Android and open source so you don’t even have to ask. Anything you see here… it’s yours for just the price of a simple line crediting me. I always share as I believe that’s the way we developers put the power in Android… and one way we can fight “the Apple brainwashing machine”. 

Below are some pointers on updating your firmware, installing recoveries, modding, etc. before we get to the good stuff (installation and downloads).


See post #2

Problems after you flash?:

PLEASE DO NOT REPORT PROBLEMS IN THIS THREAD UNTIL you’ve done a full wipe and fresh install to see if that cures it. I know I should really just do like most devs and proclaim REQUIRES FULL WIPE/FRESH INSTALL on every version. That saves me a lot of headaches but I know what a PITA a fresh install can be even with MyBackup or Titanium at your disposal. So it never hurts to try just a flash without a full wipe, but if you run into any HINT of a problem… anything at all… don’t report the problem in this thread until you’ve tried a full wipe and fresh install first to see if that cures the problem!

Note regarding tweaks: don’t flash tweaks or themes on top unless you KNOW the tweak/theme is compatible with the the LL4 base

Installation – a final note:

First, the usual disclaimers. I supply the ammo, you use it. ROMS don’t kill phones, n00bs do.  Use this ROM at your own risk as I won’t be responsible for bricks or any other untoward happenings. I spent a lot of time ensuring that the stuff in this ROM is fast, smooth, and compatible. But… it always helps to have some familiarity with flashing ROMs to keep yourself safe.

Download links are below

If you’ve never rooted your phone and it is completely stock on the latest LL4 base, I would recommend rooting your phone using this thread. It’s the easiest method I’ve found and when you’re done, your phone is completely prepped for flashing ROMs

Now to installation of the ROM itself…

  1. Always make a Nandroid backup before installing anything on your phone!
  2. On first install of MeanBean, do a full wipe (at least a factory reset)
  3. Subsequent updates: no wiping necessary BUT…
  4. If you have any trouble at all, do a full wipe and then reinstall
  5. Install using TWRP recovery
  6. On first boot, open “Power Toggles” app and set up your desired toggles

… you’re gonna break it!
Don’t flash any other mods, tweaks, or themes unless they specifically say they are built for (the latest version of) MeanBean or you WILL break features in this ROM and/or cause instability! While this ROM is designed to have the general look/feel of the stock ROM, it is highly customized under the hood and mods, tweaks, or themes not designed specifically for this ROM will cause problems. If you want this ROM to run perfectly without any issues, do not flash anything on top.

Latest releases (TWRP recovery recommended):

Click to Donate
Donations are greatly appreciated to keep this project going as it is taking a lot more time than expected: even a few bucks helps! So if you’re struggling to make it, just take it… but if you can spare it, please share it. 


Some of my other creations (mostly digital photography software):


  • Choice of 4×4 or 4×5 launcher in sticky settings

Installation notes:
Dirty wipe OK if coming from a prior version. If this is your first time flashing MeanBean, you must do a full wipe and clean install.



  • Ability to remove circle battery meter and display (text) % only (see top of post 3)
  • Added S-pen Board Switcher
  • Updated Google+ core app



  • Added WiFi toggle to stock toggles
  • Replaced VZW text on status bar pulldown with MeanBean logo
  • Refined status bar gradient for more 3D effect



  • New smooth gradient status bar
  • Updated IMDB core app



  • Fixed volume up when screen is off
  • Added choice in sticky settings to use stock toggles/quick settings (see post 3 below)
  • Updated core apps (Gmail and IMDB)



  • Improved the skip tracks and zero wake lag mods for stability



  • Added long press volume w/screen off to skip tracks
  • Added call menu extras w/call recording
  • Disabled ring fade for constant ringtone volume (controlled by new sticky settings: see post 3)



  • Ability to turn off screen wake on incoming SMS message (controlled by new sticky settings: see post 3)
  • Gargantuan AM/PM on status bar removed (controlled by new sticky settings: see post 3)
  • Zero screen wake lag! (controlled by new sticky settings: see post 3)
  • Ability to set SD card read ahead (controlled by new sticky settings: see post 3)
  • New Aroma sticky settings installer for all of the above (again, see post 3)



  • Removed GPS icon
  • Improved SD card speed tweak
  • Removed software/firmware update apk’s



  • Added MultiWindow Complete Control v2
  • Fixed SD card read-ahead tweak
  • Switched from Koush Superuser to latest Chainfire SuperSU (fixes some bugs/lag)


Initial release

Two Battery Display OptionsDisplay color circle battery meter with text % (default):

  1. From the home screen, press “Menu”
  2. Select “Display”
  3. Scroll down and UNcheck the “Display battery percentage” checkbox
  4. Reboot (reboot is required to update the status bar and add the circle battery meter)

Display text percentage only (no meter):

  1. From the home screen, press “Menu”
  2. Select “Display”
  3. Scroll down and check the “Display battery percentage” checkbox
  4. Reboot (reboot is required to update the status bar and remove the circle battery meter)

Sticky Settings

Options that affect ROM performance and appearance can be found in the sticky settings Aroma installer. This file can be found on /sdcard/MeanBean/ after flashing the ROM. Simply flash the file via TWRP recovery and select the options you desire. Once you make your selections, your selections will survive dirty flashes (for example, when you flash updates without wiping data)… hence the name “sticky settings”. Just select what you want once and forget about it!

Note about the version number that displays on sticky settings install

The version number that displays when you run the sticky settings corresponds to the last version of MeanBean where the sticky settings had to be changed. As a result, the version number of the sticky settings will rarely match the version number of the ROM because the sticky settings are not changed with every ROM version.

Available sticky settings

  1. 4×4 or 4×5 launcher (default 4×4)
  2. Screen on w/new SMS/MMS – whether or not the screen wakes with incoming new text messages (default no screen wake)
  3. Ringer fade – whether or not the ringer starts out at low volume, then changes to full volume (default no volume fading)
  4. Display AM/PM – whether or not “AM” or “PM” is displayed with the clock on the status bar (default no AM/PM)
  5. Toggles – display the stock toggles/quick settings or no toggles (default no toggles: use included Power Toggles or some other choice if you like)
  6. Zero wake lag – whether or not to get rid of screen-on lag (default: get rid of the lag – see below for full details on what this does)
  7. SD card read-ahead – set your SD card read ahead buffer (default 2048K)

Notes on Zero Wake Lag

While most of the options in the sticky settings are pretty self explanatory, I would like to explain wake lag and how to use the zero wake lag option. The zero wake lag option s turned ON by default: meaning you will not get any wake lag. Read on, however, should you feel like controlling this option yourself.

What is wake lag?

Wake lag is a delay (usually between a half second and 2 full seconds) between when you press the power button and when the screen actually turns on from a “sleeping” state. Contrary to what I found in various forums about this popular topic, wake lag is not caused solely by the amount of time it takes for the processors to wake from a deep sleep, nor do the dozens of suggestions that I found make much of a difference: things like turning off the ripple effect, pop up note, ink, or even freezing certain processes. Processor wake time is only part of the equation. In going through system logs in detail, I found many factors that actually added to the amount of delay you get between when you press the power button and the phone is actually usable. Other things such as sensors powering up (accelerometer and light sensor for example) and whether or not you have an external SD card installed drastically affect how much delay is present on any particular phone. I measured the lag on my own phone at 1.7 seconds which, as you can imagine, got old pretty quickly.

But I don’t have any lag at all. What’s up with that?

If you don’t have lag, your phone is never going into a deep sleep. In my own investigation, I found that it takes nothing more than a single misplaced wakelock.acquire command after the screen turns off to keep your phone from going into deep sleep. For your phone to enter deep sleep, each and every wakelock.acquire must be followed by a wakelock.release. That means every app you have installed must behave perfectly and never have an “acquire” without a paired (and properly timed) “release” for deep sleep to occur. Because the processors do take some time (I found about 750ms) to come back on from deep sleep, if you have no wake lag at all, it’s safe to say something is misbehaving and creating a wake lock on your phone. If that’s the case, the zero wake lag option will have no noticeable effect on your phone.

I turned on the zero wake lag option and I have no more wake lag, but won’t my battery die quickly now?

The zero wake lock fix does create a wake lock that prevents your phone from going into deep sleep, but read on: from what I’ve found, I think this is agood thing! MeanBean already underclocks the processors when the screen is off, which means with your screen off, you only have one core activated and it is running at a maximum of 1 Ghz. In addition, the governor is set to not ramp up frequency as quickly as when the screen is on. This means with the screen off, you have one processor running at slow speed (usually around 200 Mhz) at a very low voltage, using very little juice, but up to 1 Ghz of processing power is still available if something needs to run with the screen off like a media server. The radio in your phone will use far more power than the CPU that is left running to satisfy the wake lock.

Also consider this! With the zero wake lag option turned off, your phone goes into deep sleep in less than one second when you press the power button to turn the screen off! That may sound like a good idea at first glance, but from what I’ve seen in the logs, I doubt it. I ran the phone normally (allowing deep sleep) and I found that particularly for someone like me who gets a lot of pushed emails, the phone was being forced to wake up hundreds of times each hour! That means if you leave your phone unplugged overnight for example, by the time you wake up, your phone will have shut down and then reactivated and re-powered-up the processors and sensors potentially thousands of times! Is all that waking/sleeping/waking/sleeping good for the sensors and the system in general? I’m not going to say for sure but logic would tell me no, particularly when other processes like maps/google location is already pinging those sensors every few minutes. In fact, I tested the phone over an 8 hour time period with zero wake lag both on and off and my battery life actually got significantly better with the zero wake lag option turned on. Presumably this is because the phone wasn’t constantly powering down (and back up) a bunch of circuitry. In the 8 hour time period, I lost 10% battery with zero wake lag turned off and only 6% with it turned on!

Now, if you put your phone in airplane mode and you have nothing running that tends to wake the system a lot, maybe your battery will do better with zero wake lag turned off. It’s safe to say YMMV but the option is there to switch zero wake lag off if you wish.

  • Michael McKay says:

    Hey Mike. Thanks for the awesome ROM! This is definitely my favorite one so far. The only thing is could you please bring back the notification bar brightness slider? That was favorite feature on the notification bar and now it’s gone. Or could you at least make it to where it can be turned on and off? I would greatly appreciate it!!!! Thank you

    March 22, 2013 at 2:11 am

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