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-[TOOL] How to Full NV Backup and Restore IMEI 10/11/12

This is a simple and easy way to backup and restore your GS3′s COMPLETE NV items which hold your IMEI, IMSI, Data settings and much more!


1) Download NV reader/writer HERE and install THESE drivers.

2) Dial *#7284# and select “Qualcomm USB Settings” then check “RMNET + DM + MODEM”.

*If you are running a aosp rom (cm9,cm10,aokp etc) you can use the diag method described HERE

3) Create backup.

a) Click “port” in the top left and select your samsung serial port.
b) Make sure BOTH boxes in the top bar are checked.
c) Click “Connect” in the top bar.
d) Click “Read” in the top bar.
e) Click “Read” in the lower ‘NV-items’ section.
f) Save the .txt file, this is your backup

*The process will take 5-10min. The file size will be roughly 3mb and “inactive item” and “bad parameter” sections are normal.
*To restore click “Write” in the lower ‘NV-items’ section and navigate to your backup file.

4) Dial *#7284# and select “Qualcomm USB Settings” then check “MTP + ADB”.


Use THIS custom built tool to easily generate a backup file with your properly formatted IMEI to restore your phone!

1) Enter your IMEI (find it behind your battery) in the text box up top, hit generate then hit save.

2) Use “NV-Item reader writer” to write the saved text file back to your phone and then reboot.


Time and money have been invested into this project so donations are appreciated.

Donations: HERE

ATTENTION: I need a copy of someones full backup. Requirements are that you never flashed an AOSP rom (CM9, CM10, AOKP) and that your SGS3 is T-mobile. I need this to work on the data issue!
Update: The data issue is still being worked on and some progress has been made but there is still not a solid easy fix. IF YOU MADE A BACKUP THEN GOT THE DATA BUG, PLEASE MAKE A SECOND BACKUP SO THAT I CAN COMPARE THE BEFORE/AFTER!

  • TTMF

    SO ive been trying it and when its at 15% my phone resets and the process gets stopped. Why is that? could it be the rom that i am using?? im using Jellybeans build 8.

    • DroidModderX

      You may need to be stock

  • Gary

    How can i use this tool with s3 19300?

  • anthony

    click on the download link for the nv reader/writer when its done my pc says it cant open it. is something wrong with the link can u re-post the link?

    • DroidModderX

      Link is good. Try redownloading

  • Marvin Davenport

    Link is broken under “IMEI ALREADY CORRUPT”

    • Taco


  • Deacon

    All I get is Phone does not answer

    • Preacher

      me too :/

      • Syro

        ME TOO!!

        • AwesomeWave

          Same here. No answer. What now?

  • Bro Kiem

    when iam dial *#7284#, there is no option “Qualcomm USB Settings” then check “RMNET + DM + MODEM” on my S3 I9300

    • Sanju Sharma

      try it

  • tarek

    the program don’t want to run on win 8 64 bit, any solution plz?

  • Shelby

    My phone doesn’t show up under a port. How do I fix this?