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-[HOW To][FIX] Repair your IMEI with QPST

This Method by @PureMotive


Huge thanks to Peoplearmy for providing me with the knowledge on how to do this.

This guide is intended for those who:

  • Lost their IMEI and did not back it upOR
  • Lost their IMEI, which now reads “0″ (one zero)

Operating system needed: WINDOWS

If you are running OSX or Linux you can emulate Windows by using Parallels (OSX) or Virtualbox (Linux)

Things you need:

  1. Download QPST from the link above
  2. Write down your IMEI (you can find it on the back of the phone behind the battery)
  3. Turn on your phone
  4. Open the keypad and dial *#22745927
  5. Enable hidden menu
  6. Go back to the keypad and dial *#7284#
  7. Click Qualcomm USB Settings
  8. Select RMNET + DM + MODEM and click ok
  9. On your computer, open up Device Manager
  10. Locate Ports (COM & LPT) and expand it
  11. You should see the following:
  12. Write down (COM10) (yours may be different, just write it down)
  13. Open up QPST
  14. Select Ports & Add new port…
  15. Enter your port (mine was (COM10) so I will put “COM10″ in BOTH boxes)
  16. In QPST select Start Clients and RF NV Item Manager
  17. In RF NV Item Manager go to Settings -> Comport
  18. Select your port from the drop menu and press ok
  19. Under “File” choose Read Supported NV RF Items
  20. From the list of items navigate to number 550
    You will see 9 text boxes. This is where you will put in your IMEI. It’s weird how it’s ordered so follow this EXACTLY. You will need to enter your IMEI from left to right, but backwards. Here’s what I mean:***Make sure the Hex box is checked***

    EXAMPLE: Say your IMEI is 954091051099226
    The boxes would look like so:
    8 (This must go in the first box)
    9a (The "a" represents the fact that the last pair only consists of 1 number)
    01 (this can be written as 1 as well)
  21. Once you enter in the data, press Write NV
  22. Reboot your phone (remember to put your phone back to MTP + ADB by dialing *#7284#)

Your IMEI is now back!

Nice work going through all that 

=============NEED HELP / HAVE QUESTIONS?=============
  • I don’t see “Ports (COM & LPT)” in Device Manager. Where is it?
    Some of you may have trouble, even after dialing the correct numbers and that’s okay. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Open up cmd as Administrator
    2. Type hdwwiz.exe to start the Hardware Wizard
    3. Follow the onscreen prompts until you come to two choices
    4. Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)
    5. Scroll down until you find Ports (COM & LPT) and select it
    6. Add your phone’s ports
    7. Now go into Device Manager on your computer and start from instruction #10 in the first part of this guide.
  • Any news on fixing _______?
    If there are any developments, I’d be posting about them on Twitter
  • I like this a lot. I want to donate to you.
    Thanks for the consideration, but please donate to Peoplearmy instead. He is the main mastermind behind this.
=================FOR KNOWLEDGE=================

If your previous phone was only capable of 3G – remember we had to dial *228 to activate it or update our PRL? Well, DO NOT dial this on a 4G phone. Constantly dialing *228 on our Galaxy S3s has the potential to fry the SIM cards rendering our phones useless. With 4G phones, the PRL is automatically pushed to the phone via the SIM card and should be given periodic updates by Verizon.

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  • Johny1686

    Hi i cant get into the qualcomm usb setting on my international GS3

  • aar0n

    For some reason the SAMSUNG Mobile USB RMNET Network Adapter driver is not installing properly. Therefore in QPST it says there is “No Phone” when I type in my correct COM Port.

  • Norberto L. Barassi

    My phone only coud dial emergency call, is there a way to solve this isue? Thanks

  • Rodrigo Marques

    Hi, my IMEI has became 0 and this is the exact procedure I’ve to do. I have a Razr HD XT925 and I’m pretty sure this commands wont work for me

    Open the keypad and dial *#22745927

    Enable hidden menu

    Go back to the keypad and dial *#7284#

    Click Qualcomm USB Settings

    Select RMNET + DM + MODEM and click ok

    Im afraid that’s why I cant find my device under COM ports!

    Any suggestions?!?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Mark Maloba

    Does the phone have to be rooted?

  • Johev

    Hi, I have a question if this would work on a Galaxy SII (i9100). Thanks

    • DroidModderX

      No this is s3 only

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    this would work on my lg optimus 3d p920???

  • odris24

    i install cyagenmod 4.1.2 and now my imei say unknown and imei sv unknown would this work on my lg optimus 3d p920?? please hell

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    My phone is working but my internet runs on E(2g) why ? Can it be fixed?

    • fausto412

      Did you fix it?

  • Juan Pablo

    Hi! This tool can be used with Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 or is only for USA SCH-I535 versions?

  • Rodrigo Maximo

    NvManager::writeToPhone( const string comPort, cont vector & nv Items, bool throwException ) – Unable to write ‘NV_UE_IMEI_I’ to the phone. (Parameter is write-protected and thus read only)

    some ideia what to do?

  • Shaikh Zaheer

    i have I9300 , when i m dialing *#22745927 nothing appear, what can i do….?

    • Victor De la Cerna

      *#0808# try it

  • Jhornands Freitas

    NvManager::writeToPhone( const string comPort, cont vector & nv Items, bool throwException ) – Unable to write ‘NV_UE_IMEI_I’ to the phone. (Parameter is write-protected and thus read only)… ???

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    on device mangaer isnt serial port com!!! waht do i hav eto do??? i installed all samsung drivers!!! plz help!!!1

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    i have a nexus 4 and the dial phones don’t bring up a thing

  • Gregory Daniels

    Restored my IMEI on ATT SGS 3 but only edge signal please please help anyone

    • Atinder

      how did you restored it?

      • Gregory Daniels

        i used qpst software, my imei is there but still cannot connect to AT&T network just edge network. thank you for your reply

        • fausto412

          I have same issue as you, did you fix it? how?

    • Atinder

      I can share 3g/4g fix with you

      • fausto412

        What fix is this you refer to?

  • TrackieBoi

    Okay, I have all the things from here successfully done without a glitch, but the problem is that my IMEI still seems to be 000000 (it writes MEID not IMEI on the *#06#). I was messing with “echo ‘at +egmr=1,7,”IMEI”‘< /dev/cmdptty1" command and after that I got this IMEI number. I don't know how to restore it to my original number and this is really bugging me ….the NV_DAT or however files in my efg folder are not present (even pulling the efg folder to pc with scripts some guys from xda made doesn't help since those files DONT exist). Am I really really screwed or what? Please help :) is my email so if you will and can, please help out :) Thanks a lot :)

  • TrackieBoi

    I got my IMEI back but serial number is all zeros…any idea on that one? (I tried restoring my backed up version of CyanogenMod, but it brings back some serial number that doesn’t match the one on the back of my phone)…Help Please? :D

  • Rushabh Patel


    • fausto412

      PLease go on and explain what you did? I’m stuck with an S3 that isn’t working most of the time.


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    It worked. Thanks a lot

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    My phone isn’t listed/found, what cable should I be using?

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    I am SO grateful to you!
    My phone is no longer a 4.3″ Wi-Fi tablet!

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    Thank you very much. Read carefully the instructions above to PHICOMM fws710 I changed my phone’s IMEI number. The only method that Qualcomm phones. Thank you again.

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    under ports dont show my device and also if i do it manual as you say after guide its not working..aslo when i dial this number nothing happens.. what i should do?

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