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HOW TO Add A JoyStick To PokeMon GO On ANY Android Device NO ROOT Lollipop, KitKat,

If you live in a Rural area you no the struggle is real when it comes to locating rare pokemon or even simply finding pokestops. Then again you may just not be able to go outside and play. Last week we took a look at a no root hack for PokeMon which allowed you to add a joystick to the game so you could go anywhere in the app without leaving your home. The only downside is the mod only worked on Marshmallow devices.

Now there is a method that works with just about any version of android. Another big advantage of this hack is that you won’t get banned as easily as you will with the FlyGPS method. Of course if you are teleporting all over the world all the time you might find yourself soft banned, and if you instantly level up to 40 and take over your local Gym you may see the same fate.

What You Need:


You will need to be sure to turn on unknown sources for this to install.

Once the TUTUApp is installed be sure to go into your appmanager in settings and turn off ALL the permissions before opening the app.

Next open TUTUApp and find the PokeMon Go app (be sure to first uninstall the official app) Download the PokeMon app and sideload it (be sure to enable unknown sources)

Open the Pokemon Go app and sign in with Pokemon Trainer Club account only. If you try to use your Google account to sign in this hack will not work.

Click the arrow in the top left corner and choose the second option to change your location

GPS Coordinations:

For San Francisco, input:

For New York, input:

For Los Angeles, input:



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Shout outs to MAXLEE for pointing out this method