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How To Fix Lag And Boost Speed On The Galaxy Note 7


Last week i did a few speed test with the Galaxy Note 7. I found it to be slower than the iPhone 6s Plus. If you are wondering why there is so much lag on the Note 7 it turns out that the device has been crippled by default in order to save battery life. To increase performance just follow a few simple steps outlined below.

1. Add Unmonitored Apps

-Samsung closes apps completely by default on the Note 7 in order to save battery life. There may be apps that you would prefer to keep running in the background for quick access. To enable apps for multitasking go to Settings, Device Manager, Battery, click the battery button, scroll down to unmonitored apps and click it. Then add apps to the list. These apps will go into a paused / sleep mode when you leave them and you can continue where you left off when you return.

2. Disable Bloat Apps

-Samsung includes many apps that you don’t need. You never installed these apps and won’t use them, but they still use up resources when they start at boot and run in the background. You can disable these apps by heading to Settings, application manager, open each app you wish to disable them and select disable.

3. Uninstall High Intensity Apps You Don’t Use

-If you have downloaded high resource games and apps you no longer use go ahead and delete them. Head into your app drawer, long press the app, drag it to the uninstall icon in the top left corner.

4. Set up auto reboots

-Rebooting your phone is the easiest way to free up resources. You can actually set your phone up to do this automatically. Head to settings, general management, reset, choose your time and day.

5. Disable Transition Animations

-The iPhone uses transition animations to hide lag. The time it takes for the app to load is about the time it takes for the transition animation to play out. Once you have made the above settings there won’t be as much lag on the Note 7. Disabling the Transition Animations will make your phone feel that much faster.

-Head to settings, about phone, software, click the build number 7 times, return to the settings menu, select developer options, scroll down to animation scale, set it to zero, choose animation transition scale and set it to zero.


Enjoy your speedier and snappier Galaxy Note 7!