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-How to SBF Your Droid X Full 2.3.340 & 4.5.602 & 4.5.621

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Files that you will need

RSD LITE 4.8: Download Now

SBF (FROYO) 2.2  2.3.340 file : Download Now



Motorola Drivers : Download Here

SBF (GINGERBREAD) 2.3.3   4.5.602: Download Now

Mirror Download: Download Now

Rsdlite 5.4.4 – Download (use this with the .602 SBF)


Updated 3/1/12

SBF files for 4.5.621 (Download NOW)

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  • Zoltan

    So I’m doing this but my X isn’t showing up on the device list…

  • Zoltan

    Never mind figured it out needed the Motorola Drivers


    There’s the link just in case anyone else is having this problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ASeaOfSins toasty redhead

    I agree 100%

  • BIzoink

    When I click start in RSD it always fails :-/ I’ve tried multiple times.

    “Failed flashing process. Failed flashing process (0x7100); phone connected.”

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      make sure you have proper moto drivers installed… also make sure that you did not unzip the sbf file.. also try redownloading the sbf file.. you may also try using a different version of rsdlite.. also try using a different pc if thats not working for you… alot of people have trouble with rsdlite on windows 7 pcs try a vista or xp

      • EFINmotoX

        I have the same issue now after trying to SBF after loading .595/not-rooted a few weeks ago. I had SBFed before in order to get .595, and was using the same process. I checked and reloaded all drivers and even tried RSD 4.9. It goes through the entire process and ends with FAILED, and now reads corrupt…
        I am using a PC with XP…

      • EFINmotoX

        I tried it again on the first computer it failed on last time, and it worked this time. Back to .340 and a couple of boot loops later it’s stock again.
        I may take a breather before trying the .596 GB 2 part…

      • rhamses

        it show the same problem my computer is a windows 7and i need help so please help me out i need a 64 sbf file

        • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

          what problem are you having… the sbf file is the same for all versions of windows… you may need the 64bit motorola drivers? check the menu there is a download link in the “quick downloads” section

      • rhamses

        yeah i download the sbf file but it ask me to select a program to open it so i choose rsf lite 4.8 its that rite

    • BIzoink

      scratch that. Got a novel idea, thought i’d post for anyone else having this issue. I ran in compatibility mode WinXP 32-bit SP3

      I am currently running Win7Prox64

      • Chad

        Good idea….didn’t read the whole post like a moron but now that its on their twice perhaps it will indeed help?

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    LOL yea thatll do it.. let me know how it turns out for you.

    • Bizoink

      seems to be working fine. It’s on 2.2.1 I was on 2.2 but VZW wouldnt do a warranty for it not updating because the phone has changed accounts. I think it was stuck because he probably rooted it at some point (I never did) but I did see the superuser permissions on it when I got it. Now I wait for GB… if it doesnt update I guess I’ll have to find the sbf 🙂

      Thanks for your help

  • hockeydog12

    so i was able to follow all of your steps but when I try to turn on the phone it just goes back to the android guy with the triangle and the !…
    What am i missing

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Hmmm u didnt do somthing right. It should bot like normal after flashing sbf

      • josh

        press the search button and then go to reboot

  • archie abando

    I tried to sbf back to froyo but it said internal error when i tried starting the sbf process. Is there something wrong with my phone? Is it mucked up? Its in a bootloop. Tried everything.

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      “internal error”? Was ur phone in bootloader when u started the process? To get to bootloader pull battery, (hold power+volumedown+camera) then try to sbf again make sure u have enough juice

      • archie abando

        Yeah. It was. I tried pulling the battery. Its still on bootloop.

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    Did u pull the battery during the sbf?… Have u tried sbfing again… Also did u try booting into sgock recovery and wiping data? To boot into stock recovery pull battery turn on phone by holding (power+home) when android gug and ! Comes up hit search button and select wipe data factory reset? Try wiping data in stock before sbfing again

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      If u pulled batt during the sbf then u have a brick

  • scout

    My phone was working properly after doing an sbf. It has been a few days and today I went to turn the phone on and it is stuck at the screen with the Motorola M. What do I do? It will not let me boot into stock recovery either.

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    Scout try sbf again

  • averagejoe

    If anyone is willing to give me some direction, I successfully flashed the dxgbrooted.zip (only to realize i needed to revert to stock for the updated GB version). Long story short, I tried to use maderstock.zip to revert. It didn’t work and so my last option is RSD Lite. I’m unable to get the .sbf file to be recognized and whenever I do, I get the 0x7100 error. Im running 32 bit Vista and RSDLite v 4.8. If there’s something I am missing, please share. I would rather be stupid than broke 😀

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Try redownloading the sbf file.. make sure toUnzip it as well.. Download it from the right side menu under quick downloads

      • averagejoe

        Um… you’re the man? What else can I say? I’ll go back and do it right next time.

    • Bizoink

      Also try running RSD in compatibility mode XP SP3

  • scout

    I just did another sbf. Got to the part where it says to manually power up the phone and now the phone is stuck with the Motorola M on the screen. What do I do from here? I hope I do not have a brick!

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    Did u pull battery during the sbf at all?

  • scout

    I dont think so. The phone has been running fine for a few days. It was after I powered down today that it started doing this.

  • scout

    At this point, all I get is the Motorola on the screen. Unable to get anything else out of the phone.

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    If u can get to the bootloader u should be able to sbf if not u may have a brik

  • scout

    I guess hving a brick means I am screwed?

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    Yea ull hv 2 take it to vzw… If u cant recover it with sbfneither can they

  • scout

    I was able to run another sbf again and it gets to the Motorola M and then freezes.

  • melvin

    SHANE YOU R THE F***ING MAN.. i got my droid x from stock .595 sbf to stock froyo ready for the OTA update gingerbread with your help thanks again…….

  • JShibe

    this basically just saved my life. thank you so much!!!!

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    Lol Effinmoto..somtimes it pays to bepersistant

    • EFINmotoX

      Persistence pays off to fully rooted .596. Working Great. TY DMX for your videos, and pushing the limits.

  • Chad

    For Windows 7 users with it not seeing your droid in RSDLite 4.8 right click on the executable and choose run as administrator and run in compatibility mode for XP SP3.

    Worked for me running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.


    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Chad thanks!

  • adrian

    would maderstock work if my phone is rooted on froyo?

  • Themistah

    i did this but when it reboots from rsd light it just keeps looping ….Progress says 100% executed and result in process its asking me to “please manually power up this phone”. dont know what to do i tried reflashing it and keeps doing the same thing..

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Wipedata/factoryreset in stock recovery

      • RHYMEN

        My screen reads the same as Themistah and my phone is also boot looping. How do you stop the boot loop?

  • Themistah

    Thanks man it worked!

  • Liz

    Ok, I followed all the steps…everything seems to have gone okay, but now my phone is getting no signal for whatever reason….

  • Liz

    ok never mind…all seems well now…so far lol

  • Liz

    I just wanted to say thank you soooooo much for your great and awesome videos…you helped me soooooo much. I’d give you a big sloppy kiss right now if I could lol=)

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Liz… Im glad I could help!

  • Steve

    Can the phone be rooted from here?

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Steve… Yes once you sbf back to stock froyo you can use z4root to root the phone

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    Rhames open rsd lite then open the sbf from within rsd

  • SSj2

    I’m kinda a noob when it comes to this whole sbf thing. I’m running the OTA 596 right now. Once I sbf to stock froyo. Do I root the stock froyo than install the prerooted 596 over it? Sorry for the questions. I just don’t wanna brick my device. Thank you.

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Ssj2…yes SBf to froyo, then root via z4root, and install d2bootstrap then just install the 2part patched .596

  • http://gravatar.com/phantom951 phantom951

    Thanks DMX got stuck on M logo bootloop last sbfd this morning back on rooted froyo best of all got my tether back!!! Thanks for your help worked great!!!

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    Phantom…glen I could help

  • AJDroidFreak

    Team BlackCat has made an sbf file for GB (4.5.596)[non-rooted/full stock] and I have two questions about this.

    1) Can I root this with the newest GingerBreak?
    2) It says that the file is supercompressed and that I will need 7zip to unzip it. After it unzips, may I sbf the file?

    • AJDroidFreak

      Btw, I’m a semi-noob

      • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

        AJ if you flash that SBF it is unrootable and you will still need to SBF to Froyo to obtain root…. you could use 7zip and unzip it yes

      • AJDroidFreak

        So I should sbf to Froyo, root and install Droid 2 Bootstrap, then use the method for the 4.5.596?

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    Aj…yes thats the only way for now

  • Gambol

    My device does not show up on the list. I have the latest MotoDrivers installed and the latest RSD Lite installed

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Try a different pc

  • Craigslistgoon

    I have a droid x that is stuck on the M screen and when i try and use the RSD Lite it gives me a (0x7100) fail code. I have the drivers installed and I also have it running in Win XP sp3 mode. Is there anything else I need to do?

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Maybe try to redownload the sbf file

      • Craigslistgoon

        Is is supposted to be a .Zip file or .SBF file?

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    Craig its a .zip but you must unzip it before loading it into rsdlite

  • Craigslistgoon

    SO, here is the whole story. I purchased a phone off craigslist and it was rooted. I followed the steps to use the Z4 unrooting, but i didnt like that everytime I rebooted my phone the clockworkrecovery came up. So, I looked for ways to remove it. I downloaded Root explorer and deleted the hijack file and the logwrapper file and then renamed the logwapper.bin file to logwrapper. The phone seemed to be ok but when i reset the phone I have been stuck on the M screen. When I try to use the RSD lite method to reset my phone it give me the (0x7100) Fail message. I have downloaded the VRZ_MB810 2.3.34_1FF_01.sbf file mulitiple time and still on luck. I have also factory wipe and reset the phone and still no luck. If their is any other way the u guys can help please let me know. Let I seen the Android version was on 2.2.1 but it was rooted. THANKS.

  • Rick

    Thank you for your informative and helpful site! I did the SBF according to your instructions and everything worked as you explained! The reason I went back to the old software is because Gingerbread would not recognize my Windows 7 or Mac like it did on the original software. I was hoping going back would fix it but it did not. It still only stays connected through the USB port for no longer than a minute. Could I simply have bad hardwear?

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Reinstall motor drivers

      • Rick

        Yeah I’ve done that about 20 times in the last three weeks as the phone re-installs them every time it connects. Any other suggestions? Thanks

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    Try connecting to a different pc…if that doesn’t work maybe you have a bad cable or bad hardware

  • Terry

    This is something that happened to me and the fix I did to resolve it.
    I was on GB 2.3 prerooted deodexed. My computer is running windows 7 64 bit with the latest driver installed.
    I plugged the phone in with rsd lite already running, choose the zip file and started the flash. Everything was going smooth until it came to “please manually reboot your phone” or something like that. Anyways the phone was boot looped on the red logo so I unplugged it and pulled the battery. Boot into stock recovery (press the home button+power buttton until you see the android guy and the triangle then press the search button). Now I did a factory wipe twice and rebooted the phone. Took about 5 minutes to load up and now your into 2.2 ready to activate your phone. Hope this helps anyone.

  • usmcgrunt24

    I have windows 7 and it is bringing up that:
    “Failed flashing process. Failed flashing process (0×7100); phone connected.”
    error in the RSD Lite. Chad posted:

    “For Windows 7 users with it not seeing your droid in RSDLite 4.8 right click on the executable and choose run as administrator and run in compatibility mode for XP SP3.”
    What does this mean???

  • Stephen

    so i used RSD lite and did everything you told me but when it finished my phone just rebooted and had me re activate it but i no longer have gingerbread so i can root it. right? did i do something wrong within these steps? im kinda a noob at this stuff. my phone works but it is being very slow. please help


    when it reboots from rsd light it just keeps looping ….Progress says 100% executed and result in process its asking me to “please manually power up this phone” What do I do from here?

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Power it up…if it bootloops pull battery…power up via (home+power) when android guy comes up press search…from stock recovery menu select “wipedata/factoryreset”

      • RHYMEN

        Thanks a million!

  • Jeff

    Followed directions to a “T”, and it worked great! Now rooted running Z4root, also using Barnacle wireless tether right now to type this comment!

    Many thanks, jeff

  • KP

    RSD Lite can’t read sbf… I open sbf file inside RSD lite and the file describtion is empty, and the start button is greyed out.

    What should I do, please help. Just learned to root my phone last night and this morning it updated to 2.3.3…

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      make sure the sbf file is unzipped… also make sure that you have the motorola drivers installed

  • sam

    i dont know if this will help any of yall out. But if you try to sbf it and it puts you into boot loop. Just factory reset and it will finish the sbf for you and then just download bootstrap and install the 2 part patch.

  • Slacker887

    Thank you soooooooo much! This saved my life!

  • Swaggerifick

    Works no shit?

  • Chris Yeager

    Thanks So Much! 
    And thank you TBH!

  • Tim Neloff

    My Droid X works a little different as the boot menu is different. Mine went load drivers, start phone, open RSD and check “Show Device”. If it sees it click the … button and choose the sbf file you need

  • Kendall Bardin

    RSD lite is not recognizing the .sbf files.  They are on my desktop but nothing is showing up once I go browse for it in RSD Lite

    • Anonymous

      Be sure not to unzip the sbf file

  • -jfd

    Thanks again for saving my A$$. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XPYWHH455WNH2EZDKJEN7WU3N4 clifton

     phone is lock on bootloader  code corrupt  battery ok ok to program

    • Anonymous

      Try running the sbf again

  • Guest

    I cannot extract the .zip file… what can I do??

    • Anonymous

      You need to leave it zipped

  • john

    I have a Droid x2 will it still work on that?I have 2.3.4

  • Anonymous

    You’re a hero. 😀

  • adam merat

    i need help, i downloaded a rom called “sub miui” im running 2.3.4 i did everything ok as far as flashing the rom goes. i wiped user data factory reset, then wiped cache partition, then i rebooted. my phone booted up and went to the add account page. i added my google account and it went back to ad account page thats where im stuck, i hit donr it says force close the page closes then pops back up. i can recieve text messages and reply, thats as far as it goes. i shut the phone off held down on the volume button and held the power button, android recovery, wiped cache wiped data factory reset, no luck it boots back into the miui rom. i really like my phone i want to keep it i cant send it to verizon rooted with a custom rom. can anyone help or tell me if i smash it good if i can get away with sending it back with my insurance? please anyone help.. thank you, adamx2

  • Revized4Christ

    Thank you! i had a nice stock rooted dx and i never got around to looking for a way to stop the ota reminder and i should have as when i put the unit in my pocket it hot update and i noticed it installing junk so i pulled the battery and every time i booted it would try to reinstall so i had to let it go, now my browser crashes everyday and the battery is low in 2 days as compared to 5 days before the update. i thought oh the new update looks cool not so bad after all! i cohld not have been more wrong, those foolz at verizon went loco on my phone. thanks so much for doing this for a bro! its worth many donations man!!

  • msh

    which sbf file for defy?

  • tek girl

    Thanks, you saved me!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SFWBZSNV5WB5KTVHJQCH2KP6LM David

    but if my phone wont charge what can i do

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.hernandez.142 Jerry Hernandez

    If your battery died during SBF (like mine did) then you can buy an external battery charger.  Charge your battery fully and then put it back in you phone and restart SBF.  I thought I had bricked my phone and I did a hale marry with the external battery charger, sure enough I got it to work and am now a proud owner of a DX running ICS.  BTW external charger was like $4 on Amazon.

  • pH

    My Droid X has already been updated to version 4.5.621.  SBF Flashing to .621 works fine with RSD_Lite, but to any previous version (.605, .602, etc.) the Bootloader states: Service Req’d.  .621 does not allow the user to get to the factory recovery mode (pressing Search at the Triangle screen after holding Home while booting), and Root tools like zergRush, easy root script, etc. do not work unless the phone has been wiped to its original state.  How else can I get the phone back to original factory settings?

    • Anonymous

      At this time its not possible. If on 621 you can only sbf to 621

  • DX


  • Greg

    You don’t have Dafy SBF files

  • eric


  • fepujalt

    i received error messages after flash pass and reboot

    • ferpuj

      err A5;70;70;00;1f

  • ferpuj

    after flashing and finishing the process and “pass” when rebooted by the I get a message of Service required error A5;70;70;00;1f 70;00;1f and when manually reboot no M logo comes in other than the same booter w/ errrors. same 602 and or 605 with rsdlite 5.4.4

  • Cesar213

    how do i open the Rsdlite 5.4.4?