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Instagram Releases Instant Message App To Compete With SnapChat BOLT!

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If you a big fan of instagram but deviate to the snapchat application you may have to venture outside instagram no more. They have just released a new app which allows you to send quick videos and photos to friends. Just open the app press the screen and the recording begins as soon as you lift your finger the video or image is sent. All videos and images are unedited so your friends and family can see the world the way that you do.

Other features of the app include the ability to caption photos, chat by replying to photos, text, and videos sent by friends, swipe photos away to delete, you can organize your favorite 20 contacts in whatever order you like, and you can register with your phone number.

This is virtually identical to snapchat. They only issues I can see so far is that many people are already in snapchat, and the instagram version may take some time to see 100% adoption by your friends. This is also not available in the US for now which is unfortunate.

Via Play Store