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Install Android O Pixel Camera On ANY Android Device! DOWNLOAD

The Nexus lineup was never known for their incredible cameras. In fact this was one of the only downsides to owning a Nexus back in the day. That all changed with the Pixel. With the Pixel and Pixel XL Google focused on developing a great camera. The Pixel camera is still one of the best in the market today. This is partially due the software that Google developed for the Pixel’s camera.

The Pixel camera including HDR+ has now been ported to many other devices, and has been tested and is known to work on pretty much any device with a Snapdragon 835, 821, or 820. In my testing with the Galaxy S8 I found that the Google camera does an exceptional job of highlighting details in the shadows. It also seems to do a great job of processing the light source when there is plenty of light surrounding your subject. The Pixel camera also tends to present more natural colors when compared to the camera of the Galaxy S8.

To use the camera just download the app from the following link and install.

Download HERE

Download Google Camera