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-Installing Boot Animations!

Free Ipad 2!

A ton of people have asked me how i installed the various bootanimations seen in the youtube videos its really simple.

Installing, MUST BE ROOTED!
The easiest way to install this is to use Root Explorer. Download the file and rename to bootanimation.zip. Copy the file and navigate to data/local (somtimes its system/media but in my experience its always been data/local). Change the permissions to R/W (read/write) by clicking the button in the top right. Rename the existing bootanimation.zip to bootanimation.bak. Then paste the file in this directory. Change permission back to R/O (read only). Reboot and enjoy the show.

I will try to keep this updated with cool bootanimations as i find them.

—Spinning android coin:





—-HoneyComb :

the one shown is : Google

Download:  White | Pink | Google

—- Android Particle ring




—— Call Of Duty Black Ops


The Rest Of these are by Killa Thrilla (the images are just previews they run smooth once installed)

—–Piston Boot animation


—–Ken Block Drift


—–Gorillaz BootAnimation


—– Spinning Earth


—-Drifting BootAni




—–Bumble Bee Shooting


—– Lambo


—— 3dNebula


—— Inception


—– Loading


—— Loading 2




  • Brent wilson

    Is there anyway to shrink a couple of them they
    are too large

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Too large?… The file size is to large or the image is too large? What type of phone do you have? Most of these are built for the larger screen phones.

      • Brent

        the piston one is 38.45mb where the black ops is 4.57mb I have a droid x

  • oskar kings

    Hi,im on apex 2.0 . I’d like to know if boot animations could be installed using liberty toolbox …

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      oskar… No you have to be on Liberty to use Liberty toolbox

      • Oskar kings

        ok.the reason for which i ask you is because i already tried a few things from liberty toolbox on apex 2.0 and they worked well do far.
        i kow its a toolbox for liberty but after all is a toolbox and it has common features like the ones found on root tools. thats why i thought it might work. thanks dude!!

      • Bob R

        I’ve used it as well to change boot logos and animation – don’t use it for anything else unless you have a nandroid backup on 2.0. Doesn’t Liberty toolbox come with apex 1.4.1 rom? that’s why I downloaded it for 2.0…

  • Oskar kings

    hi, i was looking for that toolbox on apex 2.0 to customize it, but i see no toolbox thats why i wonder if it liberty toolbox might work as well on this rom. i only have a backup from recent roms ive tried before. i thought on sbf my droid x just in case something goes wrong but i think i have no nandroid backup jejeje.. ive flashed successfully a few roma so far and im kinda newbie here. thanks for giving me a hint, and would you be so kind to tell me where can i find toolbox for apex 2.0? thanks in advance dude.

  • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

    just use Jrummy’s Roottools from the market it works on any rom

    • Oskar kings

      a’right mr.
      thanks ..

  • TPZ

    So, i’ve used allot of your video tutorials. Which btw I thank you allot for. But i’m having a problem with the boot animation.

    After following the steps, it boots up like normal, but the animation is whats there, its the grey android scrolling from left to right. The animation thats in the bootanimation.zip never plays. What does this mean?

    • http://droidmodderx.wordpress.com droidmodderx

      Try installing it in sys/media

      • TPZ

        I tried installing it into both

        Only thing I haven’t tried is to just delete the original (after backing it up to my computer) And try adding one to both.

        I have
        Root Explorer
        Root Tools
        And Droid Overclock

        Which with RT and DO, they both have the options to do something with the boot animation, you think having those are causing problems? If so what should I do?

      • TPZ

        Actually nevermind.

        It seemed like storing the original on my computer, and deleting it from the phone worked.

        Just dropped my own into both of the known original folders. And BAM, thank you man :]