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-Temp Unroot your Kindle Fire to re-enable Amazon Prime Streaming

You may have noticed after you rooted your Kindle Fire that you are no longer able to access Amazon Prime On Demand Streaming TV and Movies. That is a big bummer as this is probably one of the main reasons you purchased your KFire! You can easily get around this by temporarily unrooting your device. Obviously you can do a full unroot by connecting the Kindle Fire to your PC and running the SuperOneClick Unroot option similar to the Root option you used to root your device, but this would be very inconvenient as you would then have to reconnect to the PC to once again obtain root.

Their is an easier way OTA Root Keeper can be downloaded for free from the android market. Check out my Android Market install video here .


It allows you to easily temp unroot your device. It backs up the SU and then restores it when you are ready to have root access again! For more info check here

How to Temporary Unroot Kindle Fire

Note: This tutorial is assuming you are rooted and have Android Market installed. You can refer to my other tutorial for help on these subjects.

Step 1: Install OTA RootKeeper from Android Market

Step 2: Tap “Temp. un-root (keeps backup)”. This will temporarily unroot your device and saves a protected copy of su

Step 3: Go to More > Settings > Applications > Amazon Instant Video > Force Stop to kill the Amazon Instant Video app

Step 4: Restart Amazon Instant Video and now your “Watch Now” button should play your video when you tap it

I highly suggest watching the video for more verbose direction. OTA RootKeeper is super easy to install and use, and best of all, it’s free!



  • lui

    Dude i REALLY need some help because now the sdk is “adtbundle” im all confused

    • DroidModderX

      The sdk is adtbubdle? the download or the finished product? im not sure what the question is

      • SaggyBallsHD

        The name of the SDK package that needs to be downloaded is no longer called “android-sdk-windows”. But rather, “adt-bundle-windows”. It appears the entire package is setup differently than from what you used for your guide. Could you explain what file is being referenced in the tools folder that we need when we add the path under environment variables. Or is it the entire tools folder? I ask because we might have to manually locate what we need and adjust the path name accordingly.

        • DroidModderX

          adb is the important part

        • Steven Maloney

          At the bottom of the article you page you will see a link that says “DOWNLOAD FOR OTHER PLATFORMS” Below that will be a SDK Tools Only folder which is what he used before

  • ferpuj

    after flashing and finishing the process and “pass” when rebooted by the I get a message of Service required error A5;70;70;00;1f 70;00;1f and when manually reboot no M logo comes in other than the same booter w/ errrors. same 602 and or 605 with rsdlite 5.4.4

  • saleh

    my phone is brickd so how can i install the sdk or let my computer install my nexus driver please i only want to fix my phone

  • nick

    this process still did not work it still says usb not recognized. i have a windows 8 computer and the nexus is running on last jellybean update please help. ..nick..