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Latest Galaxy S5 OTA Update Packs On The Pounds With 47 MB Of Added Bloat!

One of the biggest reasons that every good rooter roots is to remove that stank bloat ware. You know the apps that carriers add that you never wanted in the first place which undoubtedly line their pockets. We like to remove these apps first thing, but AT&T has a different philosophy apparently. The latest OTA update for the AT&T Galaxy S5 adds an additional 47 MB in bloat. On a phone with only 16GB of internal memory that is a BIG deal. Bloat ware not only takes up space, it also bogs things down slowing up the UI.

The new firmware is version G900AUCU2AND3. Apparently this update comes with ZERO new features and it won’t even update your device to Android version 4.4.3. This update specifically adds bloat ware to your device. With this update you get 4 new apps, Yellow pages, Lookout, Find My Mobile, and Reactivation Lock. Other than that you will get one measly bug fix for a wonky recents app.

What are your thoughts on Bloatware. Do you fret when these apps take up precious space on your device or do you rely enough on cloud storage that it doesn’t effect you? Let us know in the comments.