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LG G Pro 2 Lite On Its Way To Verizon


LG’s mid tier device is finally coming to Verizon. The LG G Pro 2 Lite has just passed through FCC inspection. The information was leaked via evleaks which has been a very reputable source. This news is coming just a week before the release of the LG G3. This is the lite version for a reason.

Specs for this device are listed as a 5.7″ 720p display, an 8mp camera, 1GB ram, a Snapdragon 400, and 8GB of internal storage. The saving grace is a 3200mah battery. The battery should last for a good while with a 720p display and low power Processor. Still no pricing information available, but you can expect it to release for around $149 on two year contract.

Via MyLGphones