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Motorola To Manufacture The Next Nexus Device!

It appears as if Motorola the company that Google plans to sell to Lenovo may be the next Nexus OEM. According to rumors this new Nexus would be a Note style Phablet with a massive 5.9″ display. The device is also said to possibly include a fingerprint scanner. Sources say that the device will arrive in November.

The device is apparently codenamed “Shamu”.  The device is said to have been in the works since before the decision of Google to sell Motorola. I have a feeling that Motorola will do their best to eliminate the bezel in this device, and we may not see a huge Note like phone after all. The LG G3 has a 5.5″ screen and is the same height and only slightly wider than the HTC One M8. If they can make the bezel small they can probably squeeze this large of a screen into a normal form factor device.

The Nexus lineup is meant to be a reference of where Google looks to be heading for the design of the Android platform. Do you think we will see larger screens become more main stream if this phone comes to fruition?