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New Iphone 6 First Impressions Video Translated To English


iPhone 6 review rear

In the video above youtuber “phoneexamination” takes a look at what he says is the Iphone 6. There have already been numerous leaks and the device in the video appears to match up with most of the leaked images we have seen thus far. He gives us a pretty good walkthrough of the device and explains many of the specs and features. He also mentions that this is the Iphone 6 since an Android device wouldn’t be able to unlock the phone via fingerprint scanning through the home button.

He shows the phone next to the Iphone 5s and you can see that the device does include a larger screen, and the phone is much thinner than the Iphone 5s. He also claims that even though the Iphone 6 is built with a full metal body it still feels much lighter than the Iphone 5s. He also notes that the body of the phone is not much larger than the body of the 5s since most of the bezel has been removed. He claims the screen is slightly curved, and the camera protrudes from the back. He then goes on to demo the new camera and camera app. Other noticeable features of the Iphone 6 demoed in this video are the power button moved to the side, he says “I don’t recommend using a screen protector” could mean that the screen is made with a more durable kind of glass (Mkbhd was reporting sapphire glass a few months back), camera image quality is shown in detail, a new health app is demoed, other apps are also shown.

This seems to be pretty legit. You can see that the guy takes extra precautions to cover the identifying info (imei, serial, ect) from the back of the phone. The phone also seems to be pretty complete. Some things do look rough like the home button and the camera.