-[ROM] ParanoidAndroid 2.99.6 4.2Base Hybrid Mode 12/3/12

ParanoidAndroid for AOSP 4.2

Work in Progress

  • Before you go any further, 4.2 still has a quite a few bugs that need to be resolved by Google. You can read about some of them HERE
  • This is a blind build depending on the community for testing, so YMMV. Please make sure you have backups for anything you don’t want to lose.
  • Caution is advised. No promises this will not eat your device and take over your home.
  • Google apps are not official, this is a community hack, we have tested all apps but you could still encounter issues.
  • This is a preview of what is to come. we are working hard to tame 4.2, which brought significant changes and bugs.
  • Do not ask about CyanogenMod features. We will add more features in version 3.x, when we have a 100% stable base.
  • I don’t have this device (yet), so I am relying on the community for feedback to identify issues. If you have an issue please make sure it is repeatable, capture logcat/dmesg, etc and post to pastebin or similar.


  • Update your recovery to the latest version. Pre 4.2 recoveries can mess up your sd card/storage. We recommend TWRP.
  • Download google apps:
  • Download rom:
  • Perform a factory reset in recovery, unless you are already on PA 2.99+
  • Flash ROM first, then gapps
  • Wipe dalvik & cache
  • Reboot and wait, first bootup can take up to 5 minutes, it will also restart once
  • Enter your Google account info, press home when you encounter the black screen
  • After the quirky bootup is over, the rom should work normally
  • Please do not restore system apps, system data and Google apps. This can cause bootloops and other problems due to mismatches coming from CM to AOSP and moving from Android version 4.1.2 to 4.2


  • Hybrid engine ported, Per App DPI and Per App Layout
  • Tablet UI back from the dead
  • Per app color
  • Quicksettings -> Quicktoggles (first draft, more to follow)
  • New recents implementation
  • We fixed the aosp lag in the recents view, well, most of it
  • New SystemUI Icons that can cope with transparent bars, thanks go to John Xionidis
  • See through Lockscreen is back
  • Transparent bars + Launcher2 modified to cope with it
  • 4.2 Walls and Sounds
  • Google stock apps
  • Extended Desktop

This is not tablet mode! Hybrid engine allows you to target apps individually. You get to pick their actual layouts which can tranform content drastically. Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with build.prop hacks or DPI changes. We list all layouts an app brings, you choose one, its as easy as that. It does not matter if your device runs itself in Phone-, Phablet or Tablet-UI, your apps will always look as you like. On top of that you can scale apps, to fit your screen, that way you can even bring full fledged tablet apps and make them run perfectly. Nothing will break, nothing will shrink, your market will be fine. Additionally we have rewritten many parts of the android framework and fixed countless of AOSP bugs to make way for these modifications – our “tablet mode” runs better on a phone than on a real tablet, that is guaranteed.

ParanoidAndroid’s newest invention. Define apps in your regular hybrid panel. See your phone fade into the color definition of your current app, press home or go elsewhere and it fades back. Create as many combinations you like, you can even dabble with opacity. This feature is made possible by our hybrid engine, which is unique to this rom.

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