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No Red Text Boot Image For HTC One M8

OP by Tigerstown


sense vzw 5.0.1 firmware is posted..i figure I would share this its a modified hboot.img where I removed the red writing you see on boot..This has been tested an tested both with fastboot an sdcard method. flash the same way you flash firmware


5.0.1 hboot.img (most current)

I want to shout out to my man @DucatiMon for testing sdcard method for me.

Also you can grab santods faux hboot as he now has them posted. I will link here if I get the OK but he did post link to his normal thread just q few post down.


once in bootloader
fastboot oem rebootRUU

fastboot flash zip nameoffile.zip

once all is good on your end

fastboot reboot-bootloader

that should take you to bootloader then boot to os from there an profit..