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OnePlus One Explodes In Man’s Back Pocket Burning His Skin!


Back in the day my Droid X used to get pretty hot when i used custom kernels to increase the CPU performance. I can remember walking around with my leg sweating from the heat, but i never once considered that the phone might burn me. Today a OnePlus One user posted some pictures of his OnePlus One which had exploded in his back pocket.

The explosion released so much heat that it actually caused burns on the back of his leg. This is concerning since the battery was under minimal being that it wasn’t plugged into a charger.

The company responded to this event in an email here is what they had to say.

We are very sorry to see one of our users had to experience this with their device as the safety of our customers is our first and foremost concern. We have already contacted MiYzu to learn more about his condition, as well as dispatched OnePlus staff to physically retrieve back the phone. This way, we can determine the circumstances surrounding this so that we may work to prevent this happening in the future.

Our products undergo extremely rigorous testing, and this is the first time anything like this has happened. We take this issue very seriously. We will send MiyZu a new phoneand also reimburse him for the damage to his jeans and phone case, as well as any medical costs associated with this accident.

OnePlus One has already had to battle bad press concerning the way they have chosen to promote their device and the fact that they have made it nearly impossible to purchase. I wonder how many of you still want an invite?

Via DroidForums