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Nexus 5 Makes An Appearance In The Play Store For $349


Last night the Nexus 5 appeared briefly in the Play Store. It had the tagline “Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways” and was listed at $349! It isn’t certain if this was a just a tease or if the phone appeared in error. $349 will get you the 16GB variant once the phone is released. This looks like the same LG phone that we have seen leaked now for quite sometime. The photo while small gives us a bit of insight into the new design of Kit Kat 4.4. Who will be grabbing one of these on release day?





Galaxy S The New Iphone? Galaxy S5 May Be Coming In January?!


The Iphone has always been the “must have device” that is until Samsung and other OEMs started turning out top quality Android devices. It looks like the Galaxy lineup of phones is becoming the most popular of smartphone devices. The Galaxy series has been updated yearly and we are currently on the fourth iteration. It seems like so many people are tied to a 2 year contract with the S3 that the S4 did not have the amount of sales that Samsung had projected. According to a Korean puplication, Naver, Samsung will release the Galaxy S5 to combat this.

Apple did this not to long ago with the Ipad. The Ipad 3 came out and their wasn’t enough of a difference to justify the upgrade to the Ipad3 from the Ipad2 and sales were lack luster.  Apple quickly added some of the features that they had missed in the Ipad3 update and released the slightly updated Ipad4 to kick off sales. It looks like this is the same sort of thing we are seeing from Samsung.

Do you feel like Samsung is becoming the new Apple?

Via Naver

Verizon Note 3’s Showing Up Early!

verizon note 3-1


Some of you are already receiving your Verizon Galaxy Note 3’s. I have not been so lucky mine has not yet arrived. My Note 3 shipped out yesterday and i was told that I would receive it by October 10 which is release day tomorrow. It may turn out that  I end up getting my device after release which is unusual since preorders have normally guarunteed early arrival.

Did any of you receive your Note 3’s?


T-Mobile To Offer Free Data In Over 100 Countries!

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.44.14 PM


It looks like the next uncarrier move to come from T-mobile will be packaging unlimited free data when roaming outside of the country into existing plans. The plan offers global coverage giving your phone a “passport” where you can access data in over 100 countries. This could be a huge benefit to world travelers and business people. Would this sway you towards T-Mobile? Do you travel enough for this to matter?

Nexus 5 Rumor Round Up! Cray Cray Edition!



There have been lots of rumors lately surrounding the upcoming release of the Nexus 5.  With the release of the Nexus 5 imminent there have been all sorts of funny and crazy rumors. Today has been one of the biggest days for crazy rumors.

First up is a rumor that sounds legit. PhoneArena posted that they received a tip stating that Google would release two separate variants of the Nexus 5, one with 16gb of ram and a 2300mah battery, and another with 32gb of ram and a 3000mah battery. The first for $299 and the second for $399. This would be outstanding however the FCC documents and even the manual that has been leaked do not suggest this. They do however suggest a 32gb model.

The next rumor comes from an unknown retailer Gecko & Co who are saying they will sell the Nexus 5 on November 14th. Who knows the phone may indeed come out on November 14th, but we can’t quite trust this no name retailer.

We are all excited for the next iteration of the Nexus phone. These rumors can be humorous sometimes. I just hope we see this on Verizon. I had read somewhere that the Nexus 5 would never come to Verizon. There you go another rumor for your sharing.

Via Droid-Life

Samsung Officially Announces The Galaxy Round With Flexible Curved Display!


Earlier today Evleaks leaked out some images of the curved display on a new Samsung device. Samsung has decided to get out in front of the crazy speculation that was sure to come, and has officially announced the “Galaxy Round”. Pretty original name huh?

This device will feature a 5.7″ curved full HD AMOLED display, It will be 154g and is only 7.9mm thick. There are some features built in that take advantage of the curved display. This is looking alot like the Note 3 but with a curved display. Im guessing Samsung did it because they can.

Is anyone holding their breath for this device?

Android Tablets Outsold Apple Ipads In Q2 of 2013!


In Q2 of 2013 Android has done the unthinkable, or at least what was once thought to be unthinkable. Android tablets have finally outsold Ipads. ABI research found that there was a 17% dip in ipad shipments from Q1 but a 26% growth year over year for the same quarterly period. Android tablet shipments grew by 17% in the same Quarter. The 7″ tablet appears to be the fastest growing form factor. Apple split a $12.6Billion market share with all other tablet makers. Apple still holds 50% market share. Check out the source link for full details.

Via ABI Research