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Unlock Galaxy Note 8 Any Carrier Any Country

If you are a world traveler you may want to consider unlocking your new Galaxy Note 8. Once you carrier unlock your device you will be able to take it out of the country and use any carrier sim with no issues. Unlocking your device will also increase the resale value of your device as you won’t have to wait to find a buyer on a certain carrier. Head to the link below to get your unlock code.


LG V30 Top 5 Features vs Top 5 Biggest Problems



The LG V30 was just announced. This device has to be the most exciting device of 2017. The V30 picks up some design ques from Samsung’s Galaxy Series with a glass front and back and metal frame. The front glass has a 2.5D curve with a flat POLED screen just underneath. This device is created for the creator! These are my Top 5 Features vs Top 5 Problems. As you can imagine the good heavily outweighs the bad!

The 5 BIGGEST Problems With The Note 8!


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pre-order units are starting to arrive. There are plenty of things to love about the all new Note device. The S-Pen is more useful than ever, the infinity display is as stunning as we thought it would be, and the dual camera setup is one of the most versatile on a phone ever. That being said no phone is perfect. In this video we discuss the few things that the Galaxy Note 8 is missing. In the end this is still a major contender for device of the year!



How To Restore Lost or Deleted Photos, Files, Text Messages, On Any Android

In this video we will take a look at one of the easiest ways to restore all types of data that you may have accidentally deleted from your Android smart phone. This also works great as a file transfer software making it super easy to transfer all types of files from your phone to your PC.

Grab the software from the links below.



DEAL: FREE Google Home With Pixel Purchase On Verizon


It seems that Verizon is looking to get rid of their Pixel inventory. They have just announced that they will be giving away a FREE Google Home with the purchase of a Pixel. The Google Home is a $129 value. Verizon has not even made it a requirement to buy a Pixel or Pixel XL on a payment plan, or atleast they have not made that requirement clear. Once you have purchased the phone you will be able to redeem the Google Home through Verizon’s rebate center within 30 days of purchase. They are also offering $100 off certain phones when you use the code “SMART100” at checkout.


via Verizon

Download Samsung Always On Display App!


Samsung has just released their Always On Display App to the Play Store. This is great news for Samsung users who use the feature daily to check their time, date and notifications without actually having to pick up their phone. The app is now updateable directly from the Play Store. This means that simply updating the Always On Display will no longer require  a full software update to be sent out ota. This also may mean that we see more features added more quickly to the app over time now that it will be easier for Samsung to push out updates.


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How To Unlock The LG G6 Bootloader!


If you want to be able to easily root your phone and flash custom roms you are going to need an unlocked bootloader. Over time OEMs have decided it is less advantageous for them to allow you to be able to remove whatever bloat ware apps you like installing your own custom software and have made it increasingly difficult to unlock the bootloader on their devices. LG has continued to be developer friendly allowing their devices to be bootloader unlocked.

LG just released the bootloader unlock method for the European LG G6. You can now use their official bootloader unlock tool. Know that if you do use the tool to unlock your bootloader your device’s warranty is void. The bootloader process apparently can not be reversed so it’s not like you could just relock it to get your warranty back. The fact that the European bootloader will be unlockable may mean there is hope for root on US variants as well. You can head to the link below to access the bootloader unlock tool which will walk you through the process step by step.


via LG