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Huawei P8 Lite Full Review

After hearing that Huawei would manufacture the new Nexus 6 several months ago I decided that I had to get my hands on something they had created. The P8 Lite was obvious because of the price point. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to Unbox this device and give my initial impressions. I have had a few weeks to use the phone now so I would like to share some more fleshed out opinions with you here.

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Acton RocketSkates R8 Kicked My Butt! Full Review and Video!

I can’t really speak to the power of the RocketSkates, and I can’t really compare thm to anything else on the market since they are pretty much the only electronic skates that I have ever seen. I got to try these out through a company called Sproutup! Sproutup connects up an coming companies with influencers who can help to promote new products through demos and reviews. I had about 2 weeks to try these out.

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How To Update Your Device To Android 6.0 Marshmallow Without Wiping Data!


The best part about buying Nexus devices is the fact that the are among the first to receive updates to the latest and greatest versions of Android! These updates are pretty easy to flash for the power user. The only issue has been in the way that Google packages the stock images since the Lollipop updates. They include a “flash-all.bat”, but this bat file is broken and yields a “missing system.img” error if you try to use it.

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Easiest Way To Update Your Nexus Device To Android 5.1 Lollipop

This weekend 5.1 started rolling out to Nexus devices. You could always accept the OTA if you are already running complete stock. Alternatively you could flash the stock image direct from Google. The only issue with flashing the stock image is the fact that it will replace your custom recovery with the stock recovery. There is an easier way. Check out my video for the EASIEST Method of installing 5.1 to any Nexus device!

What All Is Included In The New Android 5.1 OTA? Full Features List!


The new 5.1 udpate seems to be more of an under the hood update. There are not really any huge overhaul features here, however there are several new things that will make this update well worth it. One of the biggest changes in 5.1 is the added support for dual sim card support, and HD voice support. There is a new device security feature that won’t allow any would be thief to use your phone unless they have your google login information. They won’t even be able to factory reset it without your log on info.

There are also several theming features that really polish the look and feel of Android in this build. Essentially this is the way Lollipop should have been to begin with.

Transformers Movie FREE On The Play Store!

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One of my favorite movies of all time is now free on the Play Store. One of the sequels was actually free with a Nexus 7 that I bought, but I don’t think the original (probably the best) Transformers movie has been free yet. Even if you don’t intend to watch this movie now you should probably still go click the FREE button in the Play Store. If you grab it now you will own it forever, even after the price jumps back up to $17.99! Head to the Play Link below for the Free download.


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Nvidia SHIELD Android TV Device Will Launch With 50 Games! and Game Streaming Service GRID

Not many consoles can boast more than a few games at release. The new SHIELD from NVIDIA will launch with 50 titles! The Shield will release at $199 and it will be bundled with the game controller. NVIDIA Grid will be the worlds first video game streaming service which will also launch alongside the device. You will no longer have to download hundreds of Gigabytes of games. Just “Click and Play” in less than a minute. Games are streamed in 1080p and at 60fps if you upgrade to the premium service, otherwise games are streamed at 720p at 30fps.