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Galaxy Note 4 Rumors Begin! Expected To Arrive With 3 Sided 5.7″ QHD 2k Display

There is plenty of excitement surrounding the upcoming releases for the summer. LG has done a pretty great job of keeping the specifics of the G3 under lock and key. They have strategically “leaked” various images and features of the device. That device is coming next week, and the Sony Xperia Z3 coming right behind it. The release of the Note 4 is still a ways off, but there are already some key rumors coming out of the wood work.


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Upcoming HTC One M8 “Prime” Specs Leaked

Evleaks has been leaking some info on the upcoming HTC One M8 “Prime”. Jeff Gordon HTC’s Global Communications Manager tweeted that folks should be careful of where they get their news from. He stated that a well known leaker had been wrong on two of his latest leaks. Although the tweets were not directed at @evleaks, this statement drove the @evleaks account to tweet out the full specs of the officially unnamed device known as the HTC One M8 Prime.

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LG G3 Leaks Lock Screen Clock Widget

lg g3 quick window


The above images were leaked from the much anticipated LG G3. They show off the all new lock screen app. The round widget will be used for clocks and much more. This is a simpler approach to a lockscreen by LG. It looks pretty sleek actually. The AOSP lockscreen addable widgets and it can seem a bit cluttered. Here all the widgets are contained into one little circle while the rest of the lockscreen is blacked out.

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The State Of Root On The Verizon Galaxy S5!


We are a over a month into the release of the Galaxy S5 and still no root. However there has been some pretty exciting development going on with root on this device. Last night a tweet by DjrBliss from two weeks ago was discovered by several of the hopeful exploiters who have been working on root for this device. Many of you may remember Dan Rosenburg from all of the exploits that he released for Motorola devices and various other Android devices that resulted in root.

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