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Pokemon Go Add A Joystick, Change Location NO ROOT!


You will need the PokeMon Go app: Grab it here

You also need the Fly GPS app: Grab it here

-On your phone head to settings, about phone, click build number 7 times to unlock developer options.

-Open developer options, choose mock location, choose Fly GPS

-Go to location settings, be sure high accuracy is turned on and location history is turned on (WARNING THIS MOD MAY GET YOU BANNED) (How To Avoid A Permanent Ban!) although i have had pretty good luck with it.

-Open Fly GPS, choose your location, tap the text box to bring up options, run fly gps, run pokemon joystick

-Open Pokemon Go

-Have fun!




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  • Rakhm

    Not working. Location not detected

    • wofiwehfhweif

      Yeah its not working for me either. I think its cause the latest android on my phone is 5.0. Maybe 6.0 supports the joystick option.

  • Dabi

    It works for me, though I get softbanned quite often.

    • Bob

      How long does Softband get off like when u get Softband?

      • Andrew

        It is from 5min to 3 hours generally

  • Lance Pillay

    I’m on Android 5.0.1 and I don’t have the “mock locations” option but rather the “allow mock locations” option with a checkbox. It does not allow me to choose fake gps. What then would I do?

    • mehmet ali avci

      me 2

      • Michael Brookman Jr

        It doesn’t matter go to the location tab and tap on mode and three choices should pop up, high accuracy power saving and GPS only pick high accuracy.

        • theeGHOSTZERO

          What if you dont have that

        • Ash Scott

          Tried all 3 options. None work.

        • secretLOVER

          I believe he means you can’t select “fly GPS” in developer options. Its the same on my kids phone. Only allows mock locations. GPS 3 selections are all there.

  • jak mania

    App flygps old version?
    I can’t using dis , need update :/

  • Steveeeee

    Why dont the pokestops work?

  • jay916

    Works great just don’t travel to far to fast.

    • jay

      Galaxy S6 Active btw


    I got a fail location how do I fix ?

  • Nathan

    Does it work on samsung note 3?

  • Sean

    I have S6 edge plus and it says this version does not work correctly lowered. [masimelrowoo] to notmal operation only in later versions

    • Eric S

      I have the Blu VIVO XL with Android 5.1 and I’m getting the same error.
      Did you ever find a fix, or has anyone else?

    • Tali Espinoza

      It happened to me too. Can anyone help.

    • secretLOVER

      It works on my lg v10 fine. On our sons lg Leon it gets this error. And now I’m here.

    • lalala

      is ur android phone 6.0 yet?
      if it is than there shld not be a problem

  • Anthony R Murrell

    It will let me walk around and it logs my kilometers for eggs but I can’t get anything from stops and the pokémon run from me as if I’m too far. Am I doing something wrong or has Niantic fixed it already?

    • Anthony R Murrell

      In my case I found that the game detected my spoofing. I tried today and only spoofed my location one time and it worked just fine.

    • wlong

      Same here…can’t get anything from the pokestops and ALL Pokemon’s caught will escape!

  • Ashwini Raj

    On my Pokemon go map it is saying that “failed to detect location”

    • Brock

      Same for me

    • pikachu

      same for me 🙁

    • sanjay pal

      Yaa me too saying detection fail

    • Keshia

      Same for me has anyone figured this out it’s annoying I’ve been trying to fix it but it won’t work

  • Brock

    We Need some help it won’t work

  • Sumeet Sawant

    I cant see my Joystick in the app, despite of selecting everything as mentioned. Any ideas ?

  • Siddharth Upponi

    this version does not work correctly lowered. [masimelrowoo] to notmal operation only in later versions – Solution Please for this error

  • Zaza

    I keep getting this issue on the flygps hack: “This version does not work correctly lowered. [Masimelrowoo] to normal operation only in later versions!” No idea how to solve this. Help?

  • Brittani Temmen

    It won’t let me use the Pokestops and I can’t catch any Pokemon they keep running from me

  • Oliver Bolton

    For the people who are saying they have been blocked or pokestops don’t work/pokemon run away after one go. This is a temp ban. To unblock yourself just click on a pokestop and spin it. Come out and do it again. After 40th or so time it will turn purple and you will be back to normal. It will take a few minutes but will work.