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Pokemon Go HACK How To Catch Any Pokemon You Want [NO ROOT] Hack!



This hack will work on just about any Android device that doesn’t have marshmallow or higher. It does not require root.

What you will need:

Pokemon Go App

Fake GPS Location Spoofer

Cloud VPN

Step 1: Open Cloud VPN and connect to USA. If you are going to change to a location within your country there is no need to use the VPN.

Step 2: Open the Pokevision.com website and chose any Pokemon you want to catch.

Step 3: Tap the pokemon you want than copy the site URL

Step 4: Go to settings, about phone, tap build number 7 times to unlock developer options.

Step 5: Enable “Mock Locations” in Developer Options

Step 6: Open the Fake GPS App and paste the URL that you copied in Step 3 (when pasting be sure to delete everything before the @ including the @) if you get an error try again

Step 7: Start the Fake Location

Step 8: Go to Developer options and disable “Mock Locations”, Go back to fake GPS and stop the Fake Location

Step 9: Open Pokemon Go

Step 10: Wait a few seconds and the Pokemon you chose will appear

Step 11: Catch that bad boy and add him to your Pokedex!


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  • Gurges

    Does this work with fly GPS?

  • sikandar

    thak you very much

  • Celine Lee Grassi-Hoying

    Pokevision is down. What do I do

    • f

      niantic close pokevision so this tuturial don’t work anymore