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-[ROM] RubiX Blurry 0.4 BETA



Here’s the deal.. I’m way too tired right now to type out a changelog with updates, features, etc.

So for now, I’ll just share the download link, and update this tomorrow morning/afternoon after I get some rest.

PLEASE keep in mind, this is a BETA release. This is very well polished, but not to my standards. There is still quite a bit to do before it’s ready. I’m just tired of keeping you guys waiting.

NOTE: There are no extra governors added at this point. They will be include in the “official” release.

This is to be run on .602/.605

Blurry 0.4 (Beta release)
Fixed init.d scripts not running at boot
Added ICS theme (Thanks Androidx8791!!!) (This theme is not yet complete, he’s still working on it)

Blurry 0.3.1 (RC1)
Fixed aosp mms app settings force close.

Blurry 0.3:
Small bug fixes, busybox symlinked now (dumb mistake on my part)

blurry 0.2:
Hopefully fixed sdcard extract issue. Note: If this errors at the end of the install, complaining about sdcard stuff, it still flashed. I purposely put that at the end, so that it wouldn’t break stuff.

Test scripts: Messaging, adblock, etc. they are located in xbin for the full run-down

Busybox is now updated, so my tweaks are ran.

blurry 0.1:
It flashes. I have to fix the scripts. The updater-script isn’t extracting the sdcard files.. hope to have this fixed tomorrow

initial test build:

slightly debloated, tweaked, scripts (not yet tested, but adblock and messaging should work for sure)
adblock (-on) (-off) enables/disables adblocking (disabled by default)
messaging (-mot) (-aosp) switches between motorola and aosp text messaging apps
sys (-rw) (-ro) mount system either read/only or read/write
zipalign_apks: zipaligns all apks in /data and /system

Script Run Down:

Now to the goodies:

Download Link:

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