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-[ROM][DROID X] Vortex ReleaseCandidate 11/09/11


VorteX RC1 for Droid X!

***Rom based on ota 605 with bloat removed and extra goodies added in. Providing the best overall experience a Droid X user can hope for***
***Built for maximum speed while maintaining excellent battery life***

Video Review Courtesy of DroidModderX VorteX Review


  • Based on OTA 605 with moto-blur
  • Reboot option in Power menu
  • Reboot to Clockworkrecovery in Power menu
  • Power widgets in notification pulldown
    • Brightness toggle in notification area now toggles Max/Auto brightness
  • Themed framework/lockscreen/phone + contacts
  • Startup scripts enabled (includes modified imoseyen tweaks)
  • Super Launcher2 (thanks Bigxie)
  • Custom boot animation
  • vortex script (by Me)
  • VorteX ToolBox
    • Change Battery Icons (10 and 1 percent options)
    • Change Carrier Text
    • Change cpu governor (interactive, powerboost, ondemand)
    • Enable/Disable startup scripts
    • PowerBoost options
      • CWR on every boot
      • Data throttle mod
    • Calibrate Battery stats
  • Several source built apps
    • Email
    • Calendar
    • Mms (thanks to DroidJunk for his code for color options)
    • Terminal Emulator
    • DSP Manager
  • Froyo Blur Camera
  • Latest market apps (superuser, market, rom manager, go launcher ex, maps)
  • Build.prop updated for market compatability (thanks to cdexsw from mdw)
  • RomManager included (helps with the toolbox to flash mods automagically)
  • Startup Scripts for maximum performance (thanks BMc08GT for powerboost integration)
  • CWR recovery preinstalled
  • Removed Swype so swype beta can be easily installed
  • Removed Bloat
  • Fast
  • Great Battery Life
  • Probably some more, can’t remember 

I’d like to thank all the rom developers before me, especially Bigxie(aka Fabolous), Kejar31, and Jrummy. Without their work, the blur based roms would suck.

You should be able to install this coming from any 602 or 605 rom. Recommend you have baseband .13p already.

Download VortexRC Here. (changelog here)


  • Download To SD-Card
  • Reboot into Clockwork Recovery
  • Wipe Data / Cache / Dalvik Cache
  • Install the zip
  • Reboot (First bootup will appear to bootloop. It will only do this once, just be patient)
  • Go through initial setup
  • **Enjoy**

A little about the vortex script:

  • Mount system for read write
  • Mount system for read only
  • Fix CWR Reboot Option(only use if having superuser fc’s and you’ve cleared superuser data)
  • Set App install location to SDcard
  • Set App install location to Internal(Default)
  • Set App install location to Auto
  • Reboot phone (just in case)
  • Exit Menu

Run the script as su in terminal emulator and use the menu
Also available are shortcuts:
As su, run the script with options:
vortex -rw (will mount system as read write)
vortex -ro (will mount system as read only)
vortex -fixCWR (will restore the superuser database to grant the reboot from power options su permission)

MD5: e3185a5b6c42f2b7605ca0c54f7bc545


  • DroidJunk: power widgets in notification dropdown and Messaging with colors
  • Jrummy: how can you not credit him
  • Bigxie: super launcher2 build (Tons of advice)
  • stewart1champ: base for the watermaked hybrid theme
  • silverxbv2: base for my boot animation
  • imoseyon: base for tweaks/scripts
  • Team Black Hat: for everything they’ve done for the DX
  • Everyone who’s installed and commented with constructive feedback…

Donations are appreciated, but by all means, not expected. I’m glad to share what I work on, and will continue to do so as long as I’m still having fun.
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