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Root Any Android With TowelRoot!

style=”display:inline-block;width:250px;height:250px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-7550026057206026″ data-ad-slot=”5740522278″>PLEASE DOWNLOAD TOWELROOT FROM TOWELROOT.COM


because activeroots were so last summer
official XDA thread
v2 is live with more support and no reboot
v1 is still here

root for at&t and verizon s5
should support all phones < jun 3 2014
click the lambda, install the apk
run towelroot
~ geohot ~

no warranty expressed or implied
my second android root
vuln thanks to disclosure by Pinkie Pie
with love for my rap career

if this doesn’t work on your phone
e-mail my gmail geohot+towelroot
with “adb logcat” output and build
and we’ll see what can be done

  • sud

    is the meaning of this and ho to download from this page

  • rafael

    Doesnt support Dash 5.0 verison 4.4.2 . Someone give me a root that will work with my phone ? Would be a big help. Email me RaffyRez.rr@gmail.com

  • Ceyvion

    Doesn’t work on Droid DNA..

  • Theis

    does it work for HTC One M7 sense 6 android 4.4.3?

    • Ollie

      If you find a way to root please tell me because I have trying to root mine for ages.

      • billu

        damn one x …, trying to root from 4 days 🙁 it sucks

  • tested540

    Fuck you you want fucking $500 this is a fucking ripoff and I dont give a damn about your gay fagy ass rap career

    • me

      He doesn’t want 500 he said you probably paid 500 for your phone. Next time read and not skim

  • Albolushi1999

    It worked for my samsung galaxy s4 but it doesn’t works for my samsung galaxy tab 3 10.1

  • tester

    tried at my lenovo a316i and it works. tried different software like rootgenius, rootmaster, framaroot, and this one. and all of them works thx man

  • Gabo

    Not working with Note2 + andrioid 4.4.2.

  • Hacker

    well it doesnt root my Micromax a102 canvas doodle 3. plz someone tellme a a way to root it

  • hacker345

    Dysent werk on my galexy s 3 it us to werk on my old one plex fix its the sch model is ses not curently suported its by track phone if you fix it will help a loooooooote

  • droidentuary

    Didnt work on my lgms323. 4.4.2

  • vishal

    Not working with lava iris x1 + andrioid 4.4.2

  • rohit

    not working with karbon mech one +


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  • tom

    Not working for Samsung galaxy s4 4.4.4 02 4.4.2

  • Adriann Adriann

    Not Working On Lenovo s660 Please Fix This

  • schenges

    DMX, I need help. I am trying to root my Verizon Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900V) running on stock vanilla 5.0 ; but I can’t figure it out. I can’t get towl or king root to work. I can’t flash a rooted or stock version of 4.4.2 back either. I have bricked my device several times trying but fixed with keis which just reinstall 5.0 ; can you help me and make a dummy step by step tutorial showing me how or something to help thanks.

  • avi

    cyanogenmod for samsung galaxy grand neo plus please send link in enail

  • talon1812

    Please develop a root for AT*T version of Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915A!!!1
    No root exists. I’m going nuts here with the nerve-wracking phone.